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    Timeline Marker Keeps Dropping Back To Last Split Marker

    Thank you! Just now that I did them all with the Split tool, the hard way... This will come in handy for the next three presentations I have to prepare. I'll definitely take a read in help, on 'markers'. Thanks again. Gil
  2. NightSkyTours

    Timeline Marker Keeps Dropping Back To Last Split Marker

    I've used that before, but was not sure about the "X" delete use. Can I mark multiple start and ends, throughout my timeline, without losing the previously created mark? I'm trying to efficiently mark a number of removal sections in the timeline, then go back and do the actual removal all at once. Many thanks for your help. I hate the timeline-backslide thingy, when I down to the wire on a video I need for Presentation tomorrow! Gil
  3. In Videowave10 (Build 100B44B ENU) While editing a video track, I've noticed the following behaviour: I play the video until I reach an area I would like to cut out. I click pause the video, select the Split tool, and the split marker is placed. The timeline marker has moved all the way back to the beginning of the video (or the last split). How can I make the timeline marker stay put, at the current split mark? The process of clicking on the time track to bring the timeline marker forward to where I just placed the split, is VERY time consuming. Every time I place a new split marker, the timeline pointer is reset to the beginning or the last split I made. Or is there another easier way to remove pieces from the video. What I like to do is watch the video, and as I reach a point (start and ending) I mark it with a Split, then continue onward, until all the splits are marked. Then I go back, click on each split section, and remove them from the video time line. Thanks. Gil