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    Burning An Authorized Dvd For Distribution

    Okay; I have a two hour feature and am trying to burn ONE high quality DVD for distribution. I have compressed my original FINAL CUT PRO files to quicktime files. However, the final version always starts crashing at about 1 hour and 40 minutes in. Glitches, picture skips, etc. I've used QUicktime, quicktime copression, and a compressor that seperates my video from the PCM audio for what they call "DVD quality" footage. I've been using DVD-R media, and am frustrated that I can't get ONE CLEAN copy of this thing. I bought dvd+R DL (DOuble layer media) tonight, but am not sure if this will do the trick. Any advice on burn settings (2x, 10x, 16x) or different media to use. My burner is a superdrive installed inside of a dual drive mac G5 with more than enough power to do DVD burns. What am I doing wrong?