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    Roxio Crunch For Windows Install Problem

    Never mind people, I have just completed step's for a refund, this is not the solution I would rather have came to but as it will not work there is not much point in keeping it. Not that this put's me off future purchases, I will wait for an updated version that has been tried and tested. Regards.
  2. I realise this is in the part of the forum for mac's but I cannot find anything else on the windows version apart from the few threads that are in here, so apologies for that, onto the problem! (I'm using a clean install of vista home premium btw) Purchased Crunch for windows (download), installed, restarted then double clicked on the icon on the desktop, nothing happens, the exe doesn't launch so I uninstalled then turned off UAC thinking maybe it's stopping a file being installed or registered then installed again, same problem, it doesn't launch. Does anyone have a solution/encountered the same problem as this? Regards. EDIT: When uninstalling it tells me it cannot find the certificate file. EDIT-2:Some screen grabs of what is going on, first one happens during install, second one is uninstall.