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  1. Just upgraded from Roxio NXT PRO-5 to PRO-8. PRO-5 was working fine but PRO-8 requires color quality to be 16 bit or higher. Cannot find how to make this change in Windows. Cannot find how to make a setting change in PRO-8. Why does old PRO-5 work but new PRO-8 does not. Help
  2. Regarding Roxio Creator NXT Pro - Using the 'Create Labels Advanced' Task icon I have created a CD/DVD Jewel Case Insert by checking the format boxes 'front' and 'back'. When printing, I select Media = 'Commercial Paper' and then Paper Type 'Avery 8931 Insert'. With these selections, the Print Preview window shows positioning of each image in it's correct placement. HOWEVER . . . when I actually print, the Front image, it does not map to the Avery form. It is not a minor misalignment. It is positioned to the far left and does not even come close to the Avery form layout. . . . . even though it shows a correct position in the Print Preview window. I have tried to print on 3 different HP printers, 8100 photo, 8400 photo, and Laser. Same result on all printers. It also requires that I run the Avery form through the printer twice. 1 time to print the front image, and a second time to print the back image. This is unlike other software applications where both front and back images are printed in the same pass. By the way, the back image (with the right & left spines) prints in it's correct position. Does any one have a clue on what is wrong or where I might be able to find a fix? . . . . or get Template updates? Thanks !
  3. Is there any way of inserting a new picture at the beginning of a production without disturbing all the work and alignments made earlier? I have built a complex production with pictures and video; music selections; and numerous production text titles. All of these were precisely timed to sync between music/titles and the video items. Now, I want to insert an introduction picture BUT when inserting, the video track expands BUT the music and title alignments do not follow, creating a huge task of having to realign everything. There is probably a way to insert something at the beginning of production and cause everything previously created to move to the right and keep their alignments BUT I do not have the knowledge on how to pull it off. Wisdom and skill needed . . . . .
  4. Recently upgraded to Windows 7 and then installed Creator 2010. All seems to be working OK BUT I am having incredibly long delays when asking Roxio Videowave to open an existing production. In 1 case, it will not even open the production, it just hangs up. I still have EMC-10 installed so I ran a comparison. With EMC-10, the specific production (.dmsm) file opens in about 40 seconds. Using the same production file in Creator 2010 Videowave, it takes a full 3 minutes to open the file. Anyone know what I have done wrong to cause such long delays? Have I set something up in error? Why so long in Creator 2010 vs EMC-10? With regard to the production that would not open . . . . . . this is a problem with both EMC-10 and Creator 2010. Smells like something about the Windows 7 upgrade must have impacted this production file. I was able to work around the problem by creating a new production with the exact content and the new production works OK now, with either application. Thanks for any help our guidance that anyone can provide.
  5. I appreciate the link and it is very helpful. HOWEVER, if I had a driver problem, then why was the process successful back in December 2009?
  6. I initiate the ROXIO Home page and select CREATE LABELS - ADVANCED. When ROXIO Label Creator launches, I open a previously saved CD label. The result is an image in the ROXIO LABEL CREATOR window where there is only a narrow band of the CD label image highlighted. When I select PRINT it goes into the default process to format an image for LightScribe. The "print preview" shows the same erroneous narrow banded circle. If I tell it OK to make a LightScribe CD, it replicates the narrow band image which is erroneous. If I select another printer, a correct image is displayed for paper printing to a prescribed media and paper type template. When I click OK on the PRINT window, the image back on the ROXIO LABEL CREATOR window suddenly corrects itself. If I select the OK button, in this case, the image prints in alignment with the special label template. If I select CANCEL and return to ROXIO LABEL CREAOR window . . . . and then select PRINT again, I am still unable to obtain a full image in order to produce a LightScribe CD image. There was a point in December 2009, where I was able to successfully produce LightScribe DVD's. This leads to my conclusion that there is nothing wrong with the DVD hardware on my computer. I have not made any changes to my computer hardware or software. (other than the normal automatic updates from MicroSoft and ROXIO) I am unable to create a LightScribe CD image correctly. H E L P . . . . . Operating System is Windows 7 Ultimate. ROXIO 2010 removed and reinstalled with clean system boot in between. All software updates from ROXIO and MICROSOFT are current and successfully installed. Computer is current and well configured.
  7. I launch ROXIO home page and select CREATE LABELS – ADVANCED. When ROXIO Label Creator window opens, I open a previously saved jewel case cover. Once open, I then select PRINT which has the COMMERCIAL PAPER and AVERY 8931 PAPER TYPE (which were recorded when I originally created the jewel case cover label. ) The print preview shows a correct positioning of the jewel case cover at the bottom center of the page. HOWEVER, the resulting print output is NOT in alignment with the PAPER TYPE template specified in ROXIO. I tried printing under the same criteria to an HP PhotoSmart 8400 series printer and the results were identical. Based on that result, it does not seem that the problem is within the actual printer itself. I can find NO WAY to work around this problem. ROXIO will simply NOT print correctly to its own pre-established templates. I was a previous user of EMC-10 so I de-installed both EMC-10 and ROXIO 2010. Then rebooted the computer and re-installed just ROXIO 2010. All updates for ROXIO 2010 were installed without incident. Am using Windows 7 Ultimate. All Microsoft updates are current. Computer is current and well equipped. H E L P . . . .
  8. Problem is random. I have a production that has about 400 pictures in it. Periodically, and especially during the last one-fourth of the production, a picture will get encoded as a black screen. If I rerun MyDVDExpress, the problem will occur on a different picture each time. Does not seem to be any pattern to this happening. All my pictures have auto-motion or manual pan/fade actions. There is a "dissolve" transition between most pictures. The problem will happen on pictures that have transitions and pictures that do not have transitions. I can observe the black picture by observing the encoding preview window. Of 400 pictures, sometimes the project only gets 2 pictures erroneously recorded as black . . . sometimes about 6 pictures. Problem is driving me nuts . . . . Following are some pertinent specs on my system if helpful: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3 GHz 3 GB Memory (RAM) 500 GB Hard Drive NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Graphics Windows VISTA Home Premium SP1 EMC-10 THANKS in advance for any help. . .
  9. Thanks Jim. Sorry for the delayed response. I was a tad late in getting back to the project. Your suggestion to change Render from hardware to software has solved my problem. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for responding. Hope the following helps . . . AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3 GHz 3 GB Memory (RAM) 500 GB Hard Drive NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Graphics Windows VISTA Home Premium SP1 EMC-10 Normally when working on a production, you can see the transitions function when playing/reviewing. What happens is I no longer see the transition functioning . . . although the transition is here . . . . it just abrubtly moves from picture to picture without showing me the dissolve that I have chosen. That is what I mean by "not working".
  11. While working on a production in VideoWave, the transitions quit working. I can get it working again by saving the production, quit VideoWave, and then open VideoWave again and open the production. Drives me crazy because I am trying to do some intricate sync of music to pictures and when the transitions quit working, it is difficult. Any one have a fix for this one? Thanks.
  12. I had to re-install EMC-10 on my VISTA computer. Installed from CD and everything went without error. However, upon re-starting the computer, there is something/some process within EMC-10 that is consuming a huge amount of CPU. It is so severe, it practially paralizes my entire system. VISTA Task Manager shows 90-100% CPU utilization. I remember having this problem when I installed EMC-10 upon original purchase. I had called Roxio Support at that time and the gentleman immediately knew the problem and either guided me, or told me how to correct the problem. As I recall, it was a simple fix. However, I cannot find anything in my archives that explain what was done. Consequently, I have to ask for help again. If anyone can help, I PROMISE to not lose the information. H E L P and . . . thanks.
  13. Am making a title text box to be inserted under pictures in my slide show. When I create a TXT for an individual picture, it's length exceeds the slide duration. How do I align duration of text to the duration of slide?
  14. Using EMC-10. Dual-core processor using VISTA. Developed my production using Videowave, created the movie file from Videowave by using the "output as" selection in the tool bar, built my project in MyDVD, then burned a DVD. None of my transitions were apparent when playing the DVD. I back-tracked and discovered that the movie file did not show the transitions either. I previewed my production and the transitions work well. Looks like when I use Videowave and render an .MPG file, the transitions are lost at that point. Probably something simple I am doing wrong, BUT cannot find the error of my ways. Can anyone HELP???
  15. TCT

    Audio Time On Themes

    Am using MyDVD-10. Add my movie successfully. Use the standard "Home Theatre" menu style. Want to find a way to lengthen the standard audio time so that it plays the entire audio file, rather than recycle after such a short period. Years ago, someone sent me a procedure on how to do this with EMC-7 but I cannot seem to map those step-by-step instructions to the world of EMC-10. Does anyone have a new procedure to share?