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    Bsod On Disk Eject After Using Dla

    I tried the repair option. Didn't help. I still get the Blue Screen crash when I eject the disk after using DLA. Thanks. - Eric S.
  2. Eric S.

    Bsod On Disk Eject After Using Dla

    I have Sonic RecordNow 7.1, Sonic MyDVD 5.3, and Sonic DLA (not sure how to check the version, since it doesn't really have a UI). I'll try the repair option on Sonic DLA and see what happens. Thanks. - Eric S.
  3. Eric S.

    Bsod On Disk Eject After Using Dla

    Well, the thing is, it used to work just fine. I used DLA for years without this BSOD problem. It's only recently that it started doing it. So something recently changed to cause the problem. Maybe my disk drive is going bad. (I don't think so because it burns disks just fine). Or maybe it's because I upgraded my Norton Anti Virus last year. (I saw some posts on this forum that NAV may cause a problem with DLA). Or maybe it's some other software I've recently installed. I get that you're not a fan of DLA. Yes, I know I have other alternatives. But I'd really like just like to use this software that I already have and that used to work fine back to it's working state. Anyone else have any suggestions on how to fix the problem? Thanks. - Eric S.
  4. Eric S.

    Bsod On Disk Eject After Using Dla

    I've tried both. I get the BSOD either way. - Eric S.
  5. Lately, I've been getting a blue screen crash after ejecting a disk. It seems to happen only after I've used DLA write to a disk. Doesn't happen after I've burned a disk. I am using Norton Anti Virus 2007. I've searched through the forum and I've found that it might be related to Norton AV, but I couldn't really find a good solution. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks. - Eric S.