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  1. I guess im talking to my self here and responding to my own posts. anyway, after many hours of making coasters on bad burns, I deleted the entire slideshow and rebuilt it, and the glich was gone. thanks for all of your advise
  2. I have MYDVD9 studio Premier on a PC with Windows, i have done a few movie and slideshow projects, i have learned my way through most of how everything is done, but cant seem to get past this problem. I am working on a movie project with a seperate button (movie) for a slideshow. the movie part is fine, the menu is fine, and the slideshow is built and plays fine during preview. but when i do a burn, and go to play it in my DVD player, midway through it hangs for a second, then skips forward to near the end of the slideshow, skipping a good 6-7 minutes. If it matters, the slideshow is 250 pics and 5 songs, appx 17 minutes long. I have done a good 10 burns now and every one has the same exact problem in the same spot. i have rendered from hardware to software, changed the bitrate, burned directly to disc, burned to ISO, burned to -R, +R , DL discs ,but nothing I do seems to help. The project is too large for HQ setting, and slightly too big for fit to disc, I have it on SP I am working on a last minute Christmas project, and have been putting a good 12hrs a day into this thing trying to get it to burn, I am running out of time and really need some help. any suggestions? thanks!
  3. First off I hope i posted this in the correct catagory. I have Mydvd9 Studio premier, just finished making a movie project of my buddy's wedding , also is a button for a short slide show. Everything looks and works great on 'preview', did a burn, took it downstairs to the family room and during playback there are 3 areas where it gets hung up, (the picture freezes for about7 seconds, then unfreezes and continues) I have done a few burns, and all have this problem. I have done a few slideshows and movies in the past and dont recall if I had this problem before? any suggestions on what I can do to resolve this issue, thank you using: Dell PC, Windows XP MYDVD9 Studio Premier burning directly from MYDVD9 burning at slowest speed using Verbatim dvd-R 16:9, HQ setting, 720x480 , 9.0 bit rate, progressive scan
  4. When people have problems with crashes, hang ups, burning issues error reports, while working on their project, I read allot of people reccomending to make sure your firmware is current and up to date. Im learning here so bear with me, How do you go about this? does this mean contacting who made your video driver? contacting who made your computer? This is the info on my computer build sheet: 128mb ATI Hyper Memory PCI-Express x16 (DVI/VGA/TV out) Radeon X300SE 160GB Seriel ATA Hard Drive (7200rpm) My driver is a ATI x300 SE was was part of my package on my Dell Dimention E510. So I contacted ATI (aka AMD) and told them I want to make sure my firmware is up to date etc...... They had no idea what I was refering to, they said you cant. its part of your hardware???....... this is my driver ID : HL-DT-ST DVD + - RW GW A4164B - D108 (is there any way to tell if this is 'up to date') Is each brand of driver different as far as firmware updates...............some you're able to update and some you're not? or am I missing the whole picture here Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  5. grego137

    Avail. Space And Time Remaining Question

    when I went to cdanteek's #7 Imgburn download link, I downloaded something called 'Express Burn' did I download the right thing? I didnt see anything called Imgburn Update: after going back to the imagburn download page, I just realized I downloaded the wrong program (express burner)last night. After searching for 30 minutes on their page I did find the correct Imagburn download. downloaded, did a ISO to disc burn......................and im back in business...looked great! Nice product! it hung up on 1 chapter, i'll do another to see if it happens in the same spot. thanks to all for the advice and insight
  6. grego137

    Tech Support...............are You Out There?

    thanks for the response. I talked to ATI today and I uninstalled and reinstalled my driver, same results. in a nut shell, finished my project (7.37Gb) burned to an ISO, made sure I checked DVD+R DL went to burn from ISO to disc (dbl. clicked ISO and went from there) instantly got the message "this disc is incompatable with the source disc" went out came back in through start/ programs/Roxio/copy/Disc Copier started burn got error "invalid parameter 0x00000004" backed out and got "unspecified erroe 0x4" one time I even got "select source is too big to fit on the disc" the project is 7.37gb using a 8.5gb DL disc with 8.0 of usable space Update: just downloaded and tried imagburn and had a successful burn. Maybe you guys at imagburn can give the guys at Roxio some insight. thanks for the reply.
  7. Im at the end of my rope. After wasting $65.00 worth of DVD+R DL in the last 24 hrs. trying to get my iso to burn ,Im in desperate need of help and I really need to speak to someone, does anyone know of a phone number to talk to a tech. person without paying $2.00 a minute. they've already taken a few hundred dollars of my money, and im not too excited about giving them more. and no more email tech support questions , it usually takes 3 days to get an answer, and when they respond, they're asking you another question. so basically it takes 1 week to get 1 question answered. Roxio, maybe you should make instructions to go along with your product, so people know how to use it. thanks.
  8. grego137

    Avail. Space And Time Remaining Question

    I just realized i was clicking on the wrong button on disc copier. there is copy cd/dvd or video compilation I was clicking on video compilation. I just clicked on cd/dvd selected my ISO image file from the drop down box. and there's my movie (menu, movie, and slideshow) Hoping I resolved all my issues, I popped another DVD+R DL blank in hit burn, error message came up "selected source is too big to fit on the disc, should disc copier compress to fit" I hit yes, then another error came up invalad parameter 0x00000004, and unspecified error 0x4 Do you think my project is too big for the disc? when I right click on my ISO and click properties , the project size is 7.37Gb and when I insert a disc in disc copier, and click disc properties it says avail. space 8.0Gb Is there another way to check the actual avail. space on my blank Sony DVD+R DL thanks for the replies, keep 'em comming we'll get to the bottom of this.
  9. grego137

    Avail. Space And Time Remaining Question

    myguggy, after further research, I can play (preview) movies on disc copier from my ISO 1 movie is the full length movie and 1 is the slide show. how come I dont see my main manu here? I have a main menu with motion that runs 4min. any other ideas? thanks
  10. grego137

    Avail. Space And Time Remaining Question

    well , I lost my patience. after 1 hr i hit cancel, i figure something is wrong. started over, this time i let it burn. first a meter came up saying 'writing to disc' once that was done, another meter came up 'varifying the burn' once that was done, a propt saying 'image file successfully written' ok all this took a good 1hr 20min! took the burned disc to the family room, disc would register. there is something wrong somewhere. All the burns i did previously from ISO to disc usually took appx. 10minutes
  11. grego137

    Avail. Space And Time Remaining Question

    no can not play movies from there. I did download the Imgburn program and started an ISO to disc burn. how long is it supposed to take??? a green meter was present for a while, gradually filled the meter (took about 15 min.) is been a good 45min. and for the last 1/2 hr all i've been hearing is some up and down motor action from the cpu, is the drawer supposed to open when its done?
  12. grego137

    Avail. Space And Time Remaining Question

    ok, I found it (disc copier) opened it up clicked add movie my ISO came right up, selected the 2 movies that make up my movie made sure it was set to DVD+R DL clicked Burn a new window with a meter comes up ' creating dvd' , starts at 8% does nothing for 5 minutes, goes to 9% and wont go further. in blue it says 'click here for details' wait 15 more minutes still at 9%, (hung up on a error) click on 'click here for details' and get error message 'Invalid parameter' (0x00000004) click my way out then get the following "unspecified error 0x80004005" any ideas? do you think I should try downloading the imgburn thing mentioned above? thanks
  13. grego137

    Avail. Space And Time Remaining Question

    cdanteek, i have nothing called 'Roxio Easy Media creator10' can I still do what you say with 'MYDVD9 Studio Premier' thanks for the reply.