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  1. IT WORKED. Problem solved. All I need to do now is see if the resulting DVD plays in my DVD player.... Thank you very much, Rod House
  2. Tsantee, SORRY! That's disc NOT disk! I went back and checked Never under Reencoding, it was automatic (THANK YOU for the correct EyeTV Setting), however it still gives me the same message. Am I correct that I should be able to put two hours of EyeTV video on a single DVD-R? Does Toast 8 compress video more than Toast 7? Thanks again, any ideas would be appreciated. Rod House PS: Just read your reply to CINEMA LEXZICON.... Seems to fit my situation. I'm attempting saving as disc image, and will use copy to access FIT_to-DVD. This should solve my problem.... should have asked, in original question, how to access that feature! I'm learning. I'm still wondering about upgrading to Toast 8. What would I gain from that? Thanks Again, Rod House
  3. Sorry for the Newby question, I searched but found nothing. I'm trying to make a DVD w/Titanium 7.1.3 on an Intel Core2Duo iMAC. I clicked Toast button in EyeTV & put 1HR&44MIN of video into toast window. I get error message: "not enough free space" , "2600164 are needed, 4.96 GB are available." How do I get +/- 2 HRs of video on a 4.7GB DVD-R disk?? Am I asking too much? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rod House