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  1. I have been a very loyal customer of Roxio over the years upgrading with each new version. However when I upgraded from NXT to NXT2 I found an issue that others reported too over a year ago. It involves the Edit song information-Roxio Edit Audio Tags. See the link below http://forums.suppor...hes-tracks-1/2/ (Topic/90487-Batch-Convert-gracenote-song-info-only-matches-tracks-1/2/) This was never addressed by Roxio in NXT2. Was it fixed in NXT3? I have over 1,000 older CDs that I was doing batch converts when I moved them to my computer. Sam13010
  2. Sam13010

    Wrong Font Used In Display Box - Help!

    It is not that I don't want to tell, I just don't know the name of the Graphic Symbol font I deleted. It was a foreign sounding name that was free. I deleted several that looked like they matched the symbols on the screen.
  3. Sam13010

    Wrong Font Used In Display Box - Help!

    I just fixed the problem. One of the Graphic Symbol Fonts was corrupting the Roxio Fonts. I deleted the font and the problem was immediately fixed. It was NOT the font I was thinking it was. Thanks for your help.
  4. Sam13010

    Wrong Font Used In Display Box - Help!

    STEP BY STEP REPAIR PERFORMED: 1. Shut down al applications 2. Turned off Antivirus (Norton) 3. Removed Graphic Font - or what I think it is. 4. Restarted Windows -- Checked Roxio - Still a problem with the font. 5. Did the Repair with the CD using the control panel 6. Restarted Windows 7 Problem is still there. .
  5. Sam13010

    Wrong Font Used In Display Box - Help!

    I did use Roxio Burn when I could see the font. I did the repair including removing the font (or what I think he font is, an the problem is still there.
  6. Sam13010

    Wrong Font Used In Display Box - Help!

    English for both. ONLY the Roxio Burn application displays the graphics font All other display boxes are perfect.
  7. Sam13010

    Wrong Font Used In Display Box - Help!

    Here is the screenshot
  8. When I loaded a new graphics font it I needed, it corrupted the Roxio display box font with the same graphics. This is the display box in the RH bottom corner that displays when a DVD or a CD is put in the CD/DVD drive. I tried deleting the font, erased the entre NXT2 Creator Program, and restarted with the same results. I know this must be a simple fix, but I cannot figure it out. Windows 8.1 Installed
  9. I just purchased NXT2 (upgraded from NXT). The NXT worked perfect, but I was advised NXT2 worked better. I ALWAY do the Roxio Edit Audio Tags on every album I buy. I have over 450GB of music on my computer. It worked perfect until NXT2. Now only the first two songs are identified. The next songs have NO MATCH. This was reported to Roxio back in October. Has there been a fix done? This is a huge problem for me.