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    80004005 Error

    The cards are SLI capable, but they are running with SLI disabled. Software rendering was the first thing I tried. The Roxio live chat support guys always tell me to do that and then they want me to fiddle with the hardware. Isn't that what the software rendering mode is supposed to eliminate? If I get the error on the software rendering wouldn't it make sense that this is not a video card issue? Anyhoo, I uninstalled one of the cards already as well, but did not physically remove it (and even if it works with one card removed I'm not going to pull the card every time I need to burn a project). I am willing to do it here just to see if that is the problem - but that is no permanent solution. Anybody else running with more than 2GB of RAM? Just curious if there is a 2GB+ issue similar to other Windows apps (like sound recorder, which won't work on machines with more than 2GB of RAM).

    80004005 Error

    Hardware: Dell XPS 710 with 4GB RAM and dual Nvidia 7900 GS 256MB cards Background: I built a DVD movie (MPEG4) file using Videowave and added it to a MyDVD project with a simple menu and background audio. When I go to burn the project it quickly shows a black box for the preview and then the preview disappears. The two progress bars run up to 100% in less than a second and I get the 80004005 error message. I tried setting the rendering to software but it still gives me the same error. I updated the drivers on both video cards (dated December 2007), as well as updating PX (not sure what that is, but somebody on Roxio Live Chat instructed me on how to do that). I decided to uninstall the software from my XPS and install it on my old HP. After copying over the MPEG4 file and replicating the menu, the old HP computer was able to burn the project with no problems. Now I uninstall Media Suite 9 from the HP and put it back on the Dell. Repeated the process and still getting the 80004005 error. I disabled one of the video cards and it still generates the same error. Any other ideas?