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  1. I have a Roxio CD that I used on my old XP notebook. I just got a new notebook running Vista Home Premium. The CD that I have just says "Roxio Creator 8.2 XE with CinePlayer. I think I may also have Easy Media Creator version . I don't burn CD's or DVD's very much but I occasionallly do. Mostly I have been using flash drives. Does anyone know if the CD I have will work on Vista Home Premium? I really don't have the funds at this time to purchase software. That will come after I pay off the new notebook (12 months I hope. I already had a Norton subscription and Spysweeper that works on the Vista notebook. I may have to look at some shareware or freeware until I can afford it. I am retired and disabled and the computer is my main source of enjoyment. If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it. I had a bad experience installing Windows Plus for XP but got that handled okay, however I don't dare install anything until I check it out. Thanks for any help/guidance, Carmen