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    Track Names Don't Show Up...

    Boy... you'd think Roxio would take that into consideration. For such a full featured program, Toast lacks this one crucial element? Thanks for the advice! GL
  2. GaryLSTR

    Track Names Don't Show Up...

    I have created a whole bunch of aiff files using Spin Doctor. I have named each track. I use Toast 8 to burn the disc... the track names show up in the window and info panels. But when I burn the CD and it mounts to my desktop, all I get is Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, etc. And the CD which I also named shows up on the desktop as Audio CD instead of the name. I never had this problem with past versions of Toasts. I have ADD CD TEXT selected... when I open up the dialogue box all my track names show up. I have selected DAO. I am on a Mac, Tiger 10.4.1. What am I missing? Thanks