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  1. I'm afraid I won't be able to help much more with this one without getting my hands on it - and since I live in New Zealand - that's not likely The Catalyst drivers - specifically the WMV acceleration part - definitely seems to be a key factor in causing this particular error. If you have tried disabling WMV acceleration in the Catalyst control centre, I would suggest your best hope would be to find a new version of the dll "wmvdecod.dll" (google it) and use find-files on your computer and replace it with the downloaded version. It IS risky though, and you SHOULD make a backup of the file on your machine first (if not backup your whole machine) - doing this can cause your system to become unstable or not boot - so you should only do it if you feel it's worth the risk. You would need to ensure you replace ALL instances of the file however, because if you miss one - it means the attempted fix would be "inactive".
  2. Hey there, The problem your having is similar - but different than the one described above. The "R6025 Runtime error. Pure Virtual function call." basically indicates that EMC is trying to use an external library that's the wrong version for what it was programmed against. Where as the Vista machines seem to suffer from lacking the DirectX 9 runtime EMC has been programmed against - it looks like XP users may be suffering from a "wrong version" of Windows Media Player. I haven't experienced the issue and I don't have a copy of the software myself to play with on any of my test beds - but I can offer some stabs-in-the-dark courses of action you could try pursuing to resolve your issue: 1) Ensure you have the latest version of windows media player. The version vista was working with was 11.0.6000.6344. 2) You could try installing a third-party set of video codecs, although I'm not sure this would resupply the WMVdecoder - K-Lite Mega Pack is pretty good for this: http://www.codecguide.com/download_mega.htm 3) Some video card drivers seem to come with "accelerated" versions of the WMV decoder library to take advantage of hardware features that assist in playback. The accelerated versions of these libraries seem to break the linking that EMC expects and thus causes the error... I think this is mainly an issue for ATI video cards. Possible options here are to use the ATI Control Center to disable WMV acceleration - or possibly to google a for a replacement version of wmvdecod.dll and replace the same file on your machine - or place it in the same folder EMC is running from. Please be aware that playing around with system files like this could cause your machine to crash and you should only try it if your both desperate and moderately confident in what you are doing. Again, this is all conjeture only based off the error message. If you google for some combination or variations on "EMC virtual function WMV Catalyst" you may find some discussion further along this line that could help. If you can let John know what make/model of video card you have and when exactly EMC crashes (is it random? Is it always when trying to open videowave? does anything at all work?) Checking that you have the latest video card drivers may also help. Good luck!
  3. No worries. I've been able to reliably replicate the fault by installing it onto other Vista-based test beds without DX9 installed. (Specifically, no copy of d3dx9_33.dll present). The test beds have been running various versions of Vista - but the original faulting laptop was a Compaq Presario C700 runing Vista Basic, fairly fresh from the factory, with basically nothing but Office, AVG and Windows Updates installed (and EMC, of course) At a guess, I'd say it's the manner of invocation used to load the components without appropriate exception handling.. I picked up on it quite simply by trying to manually load one of the components that were causing grief (MyDVD) instead of via the Suite interface, at which point the DX binding failure cropped up and triggered a few bells (I have a development background) If there is any other information you/your team needs, please let me know.
  4. I've been working on a customers laptop who has been experiencing the same issues as a lot of others in regards to EMC 10 and the various video applications refusing to load. Obviously, like most fixes to problems, this will probably only work for some of you and not everyone. The Problem: The problem this solution helps to address is the issue where attempting to launch / use a component results in: This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unsual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Which is then often followed by: R6025 Runtime error. Pure Virtual function call. The reason: Many components of EMC rely on the DirectX 9 runtime being installed. The above errors are rather cryptic in nature, but are occuring because one program is trying to load / use another that has a dependancy on the DX9 runtime. Due to the dependancy failing, the above errors occur. Vista comes with DX10, hence why the majority of those affected are probably Vista users. The solution: .. Is pretty simple and ironically enough, documented here: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/MyDVD/000162CR Basically - Installed Direct X 9! Instructions from the above artcile: " 1. Insert the Easy Media Creator 10 installation disc. If the installation begin automatically, click Cancel to close it. Note: If your Easy Media Creator 10 was a download, make sure the installation file has been extracted to your hard drive (preferably to the desktop so you can find it easily). 2. Go to My Computer. Right click on your drive with the installation disc and select Explore. Note: If installation is from a download, right click on the installation folder and select Explore. 3. Locate DX9_REDISTS\DirectX9\ folder. 4. Double click on DXSETUP.EXE and follow the on-screen instructions to install. 5. When installation is completed, restart your computer. (This step shouldn't be nessasary for the bulk of you) " With a bit of luck, this will solve these issues for a lot of you - it certainly solved it for my customer. Good luck!