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  1. I appreciate all of the replies to the original post that I made. The symptoms do vary, but always with the same end result being that Easy CD Creator 9 won't launch. Sometimes it works fine for a couple of weeks and then decides to just stop. other times it will not even launch after a clean install. I do have Norton on the system and have tried to install CD9 with and without it disabled...always the same result. I just find it so hard to accept that this software is that finicky...along with the lack of support from Roxio on the issue...that's probably my biggest gripe with it. If they know of a clean way to install and operate this software, why not publish it? Am I missing something here????? Thanks again for all of the help! Dan
  2. I've seen many posts about CD Creator 9 not launching, crashing, etc. Unlike many of the people posting here, I purchased the FULL version directly from Roxio. I am running Windows XP Pro, SP2 with all updates. I haven't owned this software very long but have had to completely re-install it several times just to get it to do it's job. When I click on the icons to launch the programs, it just sits there. I also have a Mac running Toast, which works flawlessly. I can't believe the same company made this awful product! I've tried getting help from Roxio, to no avail. In the trash for me!