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    Popcorn Wreaking Havoc On Macbook Pro

    TiVo owners using PCs get free TiVoToGo software, included with the service fee. Mac owners wanting that same functionality have to buy software, which comes in the form of either Toast 8 or Popcorn 3. That's my complaint on that front -- that I had to pay for something PC owners get for free with their TiVo service. And that's the only reason I even own Popcorn 3. I'm not going to worry over the copyright issue. If somebody wants to come and arrest me for admitting that I put a recorded TV program on DVD (instead of on a VHS tape or any other medium) to send to a Marine in Iraq, they can bring their handcuffs to my front door. He enjoys that particular TV show, and I appreciate his service. Now I know that these Dock manifestations aren't unique to me. It would certainly be nice not to have to see my system practically brought to its knees while writing a DVD. So I'll just keep an eye out for whenever Roxio gets around to doing something about it. Thanks for the info. = Steve =
  2. I have a new MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM) purchased last November, on which I immediately installed Leopard and then updated to 10.5.1. It's now updated to 10.5.2, and all Apple's updates have also been applied. Most things are running quite well. I also have a TiVo HD purchased shortly before I got the MBP. I have to say that I'm very disappointed that PC owners get TiVoToGo software for free while Mac owners have to buy something to get this functionality. But I digress... A friend's son is a Marine who just deployed to Iraq (his second tour). He's a big fan of Prison Break on Fox, so I mostly bought Popcorn to record episodes on my TiVo and put them on DVD for him when his wife sends periodic packages to him. The trouble is, Popcorn 3 has a poor interface. But worse, it creates havoc on my system. When it's putting the already popped episodes on a DVD, it makes the system crawl!! I expect some performance hit, but this is ridiculous. To make matters worse, newly launched apps don't even appear on my Dock while it's running. Apps that are permanently in the Dock don't show the "glowing spot" indicating that they've launched. Running apps don't disappear from the Dock, and those I keep there permanently don't clear the "glowing spot" to indicate that they're no longer running. And even after Popcorn finishes making the DVD and I shut it down, most of these Dock flaws won't clear up until I log off my account. Am I the only one seeing such behavior? Or is there something else at work here? It seems like my machine is taking way too much of a pounding from this piece of software. = Steve =