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    Video Won't Fit On Disc?

    Hi Tsantee, Thanks again for pointing me in the direction of purchasing Toast which you did about a week ago. My version of Toast (8.0.3) has the following options under "Video" on the left hand side of the Toast window: Video CD, Super Video CD, DVD-Video, Video_TS Folder and DivX Disc. I chose DVD-Video which I believe was my error and should have chosen Video_TS Folder instead since that is what I was dragging over onto the Toast window. That option appears to have an auto-compression listed underneath. Does this sound right?
  2. levlvl

    Video Won't Fit On Disc?

    I just bought Toast 8 and am a complete novice. I bought it to burn avi video files onto DVD discs for viewing on my TV using a standard DVD player. I have no idea what all the various video file formats mean (avi, divx, mpg, mov, etc.) or when and if I need to convert from one to the other (I wouldn't mind finding out more about this if anyone can direct me to an appropriate place to find out more about all these video formats). However, my question is with regard to a video_ts folder (yet another format?) which I tried to burn onto a DVD-R disc (standard 4.7 GB) using Toast. After I dragged the folder onto the Toast window, I got the message that the disc did not have enough space for the file. So I then tried my old Popcorn 2 and voila, no problem - I have the video on disc. Popcorn does indicate that it does auto-compressing which I assume means that it shrinks the file to fit onto the disc. So what am I doing wrong with the more high-powered program, Toast Titanium 8 since it is not burning the folder onto the disc? I'm using an intel iMac with OS 10.4.11.
  3. levlvl

    Trying To Copy Avi File

    Great! I will purchase at the special sale price. Much appreciated.
  4. levlvl

    Trying To Copy Avi File

    Thanks again. I do have Perian installed in my System Folder. I must have had a problem viewing some videos in the past with Quicktime and somehow found out about Perian. If I decide to go ahead with a purchase I am leaning toward Toast 8 rather than Popcorn 3 - I suspect that Toast is a more comprehensive product (it costs about twice as much as Popcorn so it must be) . What's your advice regarding Toast vs. Popcorn assuming that I will be doing a bit more work with video/DVD?
  5. levlvl

    Trying To Copy Avi File

    Thanks tsantee. I assume that the instructions for this procedure are clearly outlined in the newer version of Popcorn and in Toast so that a pitiful novice like me can have success.
  6. levlvl

    Trying To Copy Avi File

    I have used Popcorn 2 in the past for copying dvd discs which I own and have had no problem with this simple task - I insert the disc into my drive, and then drag it onto the popcorn window and everything goes smoothly. However, I have received a movie with a title .avi at the end and would like to know how to copy it onto a dvd disc. It is on the hard drive of my intel iMac not on a disc. Whenever I try to drag the file onto popcorn, I get the message that it not an acceptable image file. I have no technical knowledge of dvd copying except for the simple process I described above. Is there any way I can make a DVD disc copy of this .avi file to view on my TV using my DVD player or do I need a product like Toast?