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  1. I can only get poorly pixelized crappy DivX files from Popcorn 3, and any attempt to adjust the setting to produce a higher quality file results in other disasters: no sound, early end, frozen frame, sound dropouts, any combination of those.
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    Making Divx From Popcorn3

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    Video Skips

    YES, thanks Santee, i do use MPEG Streamclip without understanding all the technojargon but was recently going around it; just wanting to do less steps; maybe this will help my OTHER problem (topic, best divx settings).
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    Making Divx From Popcorn3

    The presets in Popcorn 3 produce goofy results that don't seem to bear any relation to what the codec setting claims. Home Theater creates a playable DivX but with miserable pixelation; no home theater owner would ever watch such crud. High Definition creates a superb image but any file longer than an hour ends abruptly sometime between 70 and 80 minutes, with audio dropouts throughout. So I went into advanced settings, to try to find a tweak. What the menu says and the file it creates are often polar opposites. For instance, the setting that is supposed to create the largest file with highest quality but minimal compression, and process the fastest, actually produces a highly compressed file (.5 gig from 2.4 gigs) and takes all day. I'm looking for fellow users suggestions on what setting to try in advanced that will deliver a great image and sound. File size doesn't matter - big is a-ok. Processing time isn't too important. Running tests daily; currently trying Home Theater with the cryptic setting "produce high quality file". Shouldn't that be a default setting?? PS: yes, I've tested 3 macs and 1 tv - identical viewing results on all. It isn'tt a problem with my Phillips player. INFO: Mac Mini core 2 duo 1.83 - 3 gigs ram - capturing through capty USBInstantDVD to MPEG-2 files Process: USB Instant DVD hooked up to dvr or camcorder or vcr; captured as high quality MPEG-2 file. At this point file is complete and excellent looking but seems proprietary and doesn't play well with other editing and burning apps, and the Capty app supplied with device is an atrocity. If MPEG-2 files burned straight to disc, it hangs up after 1 hour. Burn to disc, files are incomplete. So, using Popcorn 3, export as DivX. See above for oddball results. UPDATED: Maybe DivX just sucks. Popcorn 3 won't get past 1% completed if I try to "make high quality file". QT Pro does better, but the resulting file STILL is flawed, no sound and frozen solid at the 60 minute mark, Geez, are DivX files limited to 60 minutes??!!
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    Popcorn 3 Hanging

    Did you try saving it as a disc image, then burning? Pardon if this is old advice, but I have only had this problem when I didn't make a disc image, then burn that; the explanation I've been given is, OSX shutting down the burner because the blank disc got too warm sitting in the drive witing for the data to crunch. Outside of that, every now and then, I've had to boot to make the drive stop that code! Leopard is less stable than Tiger, by far. the only DVDs that fail in my mac are Windata. Keep far away.