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    Can Anyone Help Please

    Thanks for your response Larry. I find it hard to beleive that ANY software developer would NOT want to ENSURE that their software was compatable and NOT in conflict with ANY Microsfot products!! Whether we like it or not - Microsoft products are effectively the defacto standard and to NOT work with all Microsoft products is like suicide!! BTW - What do you mean by "old legacy" ??
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    Can Anyone Help Please

    I too am having REAL challenges with the software!!! Is it just SO full of bugs that it can't be fixed!???? I can't even find the proper product indicated here!! EVEN though it is a Sonic / Roxio product!!! I have Roxio DigitalMedia LE and it launches WinDVD - apparently ALOT of folks are having this issue! http://phpbb.ulead.com.tw/EN/viewtopic.php...7678c2f6521bdd0. I launch the programs and everything looks good - it can go for 20 mins - 70 mins or so then it just quites and I loose everything and have wasted HOURS of time! I have nearly had it with Roxio - Nero is supposed to be much more reliable!! Does ANYONE have a solution to this?? On top of this - everytime that I end the program it loads 3 "error screens! 1st one - Mediahub.exe application error. 2nd one - Mediahub.exe Application error 3rd one - Runtime Error - again - mediahub.exe pure function call error! I did a google on the error "WinDVD CREATOR HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO CLOSE" and LOTS of info came up - nothing that i could find to help - just a BUNCH of folks saying that Roxio / Sonic was not up to fixing this problem!!! After trying to "register" my software and NOT EVEN seeing the products in the "list available" - I too have to wonder!!!! BTW - I looked at the "fix" for HP - I run a Lenovo (ThinkPad). I run XP with WMP 11 and the Sonic / Roxio / WinDVD software - it has been working with all software for 3 days - then crashed! If Roxio is intrested in making this issue a priority and fixing it - I will make sure that i pass the fix along to as many folks as I can!