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    .aiff -> Audiocd: Ok W/ Itunes, Fails W/ Toast

    hi, hmm ... i'll try exporting the captured data from Audacity as WAV rather than AIFF, but ... why would AIFF, then, be "ok" with iTunes, but not with Toast? i'd think that Toast would be a bit more capable/robust ... thx.
  2. i've toast 7.0.2 installed on osx 10.4.5 on a PowerBook/G4 w/ an external Pioneer DVR106-D writer on the firewire port. i've captured an audio cassette to hard disk using Audacity 1.3b, and have successfully converted the file to a 528Mb .aiff file. if i drag the .aiff to iTunes, then burn an audio CD, the process completes without error, and the CD plays in my player perfectly. if i open the .aiff in Toast, however, and burn an Audio CD, the process completes without err, BUT the burned CD 'stalls' -- either at "Reading ..." or simply at time "0:01" in any/every CD player i've tried. i've tried repeatedly ... no dice. iTunes always works, Toast never does. what do i need to do to get Toast to do this? thanks.