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    Video Format Question

    That's what I figured. I know that those formats will work just fine in a MAC as my daughter has a Lumix (DCM FH1) and it plays nicely with the MAC. Is there a later version of EMC that will work with either of the above formats or any software that can "convert" either of the above formats to work in EMC Windows Movie Maker? Thanks for your help.
  2. Been looking at a new camera with the limitation that the video recording format be compatible with EMC 7.X on a Windows SP PC running EMC 7,X and found Panasonic Lumix DCM ZS9. The thing is, the specs say the video is "Quick Time Motion JPEG" for HD and "Motion JPEG" for SD. Are either of these compatible with EMC 7.X?
  3. videorama

    Vhs Tape To Dvd

    erThanks again for taking the time to comment and answer my questions. Your effort is especially appreciated now that I have retired. While at work I had upwards of 400 fellow workers assembled from a very diverse background - anywhere from plumbing to medical technician. I could always count on one of them to have the information that I needed or at least steer me in the right direction to find the information. Now I am kind of out there all by myself.
  4. videorama

    Vhs Tape To Dvd

    the Sorry for the confusion. I am using the VHS portion of the dual Toshiba but it is not the type of unit that will play the VCR and Record to DVD within the unit. Basically it is a dual PLAYER. Therefore, I use the VHS player composite output to my Canon camcorder composite input (as a pass through) and the Canon is outputing to the PC via firewire. I am using Roxio EMC 7.XX to capture in MPEG2. The results that I am getting are OK but I just wonder if there is a means to do this with the greater amount of quality. If I read you correctly, the s-video vs: the Composite cable will bot provide any advantage in quality but selecting AVI (in Roxio capture) would be advantageous. If that is true I deduce that there would be no real advantage to purchasing a dual PLAYER?RECORDER either. Is that true?
  5. videorama

    Vhs Tape To Dvd

    I understand there is no way of making the VHS source better but just wanting to know if what I am doing is as loss-less as it can be, or if not, what would be best.
  6. videorama

    Vhs Tape To Dvd

    Have some basic questions concerning transferring VHS to DVD. First some background info: I have a Toshiba dual VHS/DVD player which is connected to my Canon DV camcorder with yellow, red, and white component cable. The Camcorer is connected to my Sony Vaio computer via a iEEE 1394 firewire. I am getting a transfer (of the VHS tape) to the PC where I use Roxio to process the captured video and sound just like always. I have played the resultant DVD on a couple of devices and have observed the following: On several small screen TV's/DVD players, there does not appear to be much (if any) loss as compared to the original VHS tape shown on the same device. However, when played to my 73" Mitsubishi DLP, the quality is quite poor but so is the original VHS played likewise. Questions: Would there be a better way to do this transfer such as: Use of the S-vidoe cable? Use of a Dual VHS/DVD player recorder? Use of the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD device? Other? Would a DVD/VHS recorder that outputs through an MDHI improve the picture on the TV? Keep in mind that I intend to edit (mostly clip out scenes that do not contain anything but scenery and such) which from what I gather is not really capable with the dual player/recorders. They apparently have a limited editing capability but it is mostly for titles and chapter markers. Any comment on that? As always, I thank you in advance for your willingness to share you expertise with me.
  7. videorama

    New Camcorder - Dvc Format

    Two full-blown camera shops and a Best Buy said that if the recording media is Mini DV then the file format (at the camcorder) is the same no matter what the camcorder manufacture. So, since my Canon Mini DV camcorder works with EMC7 then the Panasonic will work exactly the same. Hope this information is helpful to some one else.
  8. I am interested in buying a Panasonic PV-GS90 camcorder, trouble is, I don't know if it will work with EMC7.7 as my Canon Optura 20 does. The spec sheet on the Panasonic lists the recording format as "DVC". The Panasonic camcorder connects to the PC by iEEE1394 (which is what I like since my PC has lost it's USB2 capability) just like the Canon. Question: Will the DVC file work with EMC 7.7 just like the MPEG2 of the Canon? Thanks in advance for any information!
  9. videorama

    8Mm Film To Dvd

    I have a question (2 actually) concerning physical aspect of converting 8mm film to digital (MPEG). First - I have one of those devices in which you play your 8mm projector in one side and then video (Camcorder) the image from a screen on an adjacent side of the device. The problem seems to be that the resultant video is washed out as if over-exposed. Anyone have any luck with this? Suppose that there could be some adjustment of exposure/shutter speed that can abate this but hate to have to experiment if someone has a good combination. Second - In lieu of above, I have piece of low sheen poster board on which I project the 8mm film and use my Camcorder to video the resultant image on the poster board. This works pretty well but I don't know what would ultimately give the best results - such as: Should the 8mm image be as large as possible or small (seems the larger the projected image the less sharp it is)? Should the Camcorder be at telephoto or wide angle. Of course in either case the Camcorder should be positioned to capture a full screen. The reason for this question is that I read that rather than using autofocus, the best capture is achieved by manually focusing at full telephoto and then adjusting the zoom as required to capture the desired scene. Of course this is in situations where the depth of focus remains near constant. In this case the Camcorder can be set and focused at telephoto or wide angle and then physically positioned to capture the projected image. Should the room ambient light be day light or a darkened? As stated above, it is just a matter of experimentation but if someone has already done the leg work I would be happy for the information.
  10. videorama

    SD cards = Jittery recording

    Thanks to both of you for the input! I have used "Real One" player, Windows Movie Player, and Roxio Player to view the recordings all with the same results. I mulled this situation over several times in my sleep and decided, as have the two of you, that there is a reason for this beyond the camera and card. Had a plan to enable/disable all the different "modes". Did start out reading and setting up the camera as per the manual (line by line) as I being a retired aircraft maintenance engineer on the F/A-18 Hornet know the importance of "following the directions" and have told this to countless military personnel. Low and behold I stumbled onto a mode that is "Initial Set-up". No mention in the manual of this except in the matrix of operational modes and even then it is obscure. So I selected "Yes" and wa-la! I can't recognize what exactly changed but what ever it was I now have a decent video recorder. I don't know how this was happening on ther other cameras too but as long as this camera works well I'm happy. I'll have fun today experimenting with the camera (ever mindful of the "Initial Set-up" as a backdrop. Oh on the card! For what it's worth, I found a site (www.mobiletechreview.com) that gives a technical review of cards. It's way over my head but they showed where the Panasonic produced cards have superior read/write speeds as compared to Toshiba produced cards. Only problem is they didn't list the twin sister cards for Panasonic - only the ones for Toshiba. I'll keep the Transcend brand in mind as well. You guys may find the review worth reading. Thanks again for your thoughts. What a great help just to have a place to bounce things off of much less the return information. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... The Roxio Community forum is just terrific and, of course, it's you folks that make it that way!
  11. videorama

    SD cards = Jittery recording

    I talked to Panasonic and they said the Sandisk was a compatable card but suggested that it may not be operating correctly. I borrowed a Panasonic 2 GB, Class 4 SDHC card and it does the same thing! I just can't believe that these camcorders are out there with that poor of operation so I wonder what I'm doing wrong - 2 different cards in 2 different camcorders.
  12. videorama

    SD cards = Jittery recording

    Thanks for the response! It appears to be beyond the camcorder because the jitters are the same in several different camcorders even a high end Sony. In fact, my Canon Optura 20 (which has beautiful DV tape recordings) does it on the card. But I certainly will talk with Panasonic if I don't get any resolution about the card because the Panasonic is a really cool camcorder and I would love to keep it but not unless I get a fix for this situation. The play back exhibits jitters (like when the news anchor wears a striped tie or tweed jacket and it all shimmers on the TV screen) along the edges of all contracting lines so I figure it is more applicable to the card. No, actually, the jitters are more like the old silent movies that moved in small increments. It is noticeable when ever there is movement and especially when zooming. Sad to say - I just don't know much about it and but I know the there is quite a knowledgeable group here and hope that someone can shed some light on the subject. I just wonder if a higher class (Class 4 or 6) would record faster thus eliminating the jitters.
  13. videorama

    SD cards = Jittery recording

    I have recently purchased a Panasonic SDR - S26 camcorder. Problem is the recorded files are very jittery, not like hand shake but more like a very electric look or as though recording at the extended speed setting (but it is in XP). I took the cam and card to store and several camcorders (including a $1200 Sony) exhibit the same thing. Tried several modes (iA, stabilizer on/of - no change. I'm recording on a Sandisk 2GB, class 2. Is this by virtue of File writing vs: old time digital tape? If there is no fix for this then I will return the cam as it is not acceptable to me. Please offer whatever you can think of.
  14. videorama

    IE8 Roll Back

    Thank you for the help. I made a "Restore" checkpoint so I can recover if I goof up. But before I remove IE8 I'll need to find out if it is necessary in order to run ATT U-Verse which is what I have recently changed over to. Again, thank you!
  15. videorama

    IE8 Roll Back

    It is a long story but IE8 got installed on my computer and , as is common knowledge, goofed up EMC 7. I know when IE7 was the latest you all said to just uninstall IE7 and IE6 will return. How do I do this with IE8? If I uninstall IE8 will it roll back to IE7 or IE6? If it goes to IE7 then do I uninstall that too? Thanks