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    TS folders locked

    Thanks, it's not a commercial movie, however, and I'm pretty sure I've used it before. BTW, do I get a confirmation to Convert to NTSC after Compression of before ? I somehow found another Disc and Title in Media Browser after multiple tries and will try that. Andy PS. To me, Media Browser is poorly designed. It's difficult to tell where the "disc" are located. Would be nice to show a structure. Maybe it's changed in subsequent versions of Toast to become more clear.
  2. jedrekzbuffalo

    TS folders locked

    Hi all, I'm trying to convert my PAL TS folder to NTSC. I understand that I have to do that through the Media Browser. Unfortunately, when I go to the browser and drop down to the Title, it's locked, preventing me from dragging it into the Video window. I went to my Video_TS folder and unlocked the folder and changed permissions to allow Read & Write, and it still comes up as locked in Toast. Any ideas ? Or is there an easier way to convert formats in Toast ? Thanks, Andy
  3. jedrekzbuffalo

    Conversion To Pal

    OK, thanks. It worked. I'm not sure why it didn't work the first time. What's frustrating to me about Toast is the inconsistency in the way things are labelled and the inability to obtain all info. about files (ie. TV standard). Also, I'm wondering why not all files show up in the Movies folder when I look for files.
  4. jedrekzbuffalo

    Conversion To Pal

    Now my problem is that when I want to compress to fit, it doesn't ask me if I really want to encode to PAL. Why doesn't it always ask me that ? Andy
  5. jedrekzbuffalo

    Conversion To Pal

    Thank You tsantee, It worked. I must have followed a different path earlier, that's why the window asking me if I really wanted to convert did not show up before. What a handy feature Toast offers-ability to convert to PAL so that I can send the videos I make to family in Poland. All the best, Andy
  6. jedrekzbuffalo

    Toast 7.1.3

    Should I bother updating from 7.1.2 to 7.1.3 if I'm running Tiger, or does it only address issues with Leopard ? Thanks, Andy
  7. jedrekzbuffalo

    Conversion To Pal

    Hi folks, I've tried burning my NTSC project to PAL without success. I've clicked on PAL in the TV Standard preferences, but my disc comes out NTSC. Is there something I'm missing ? Thanks, Andy