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  1. I have a one year old Dell laptop that was having problems, so the Dell folks suggested I backup my files, which I did using the preloaded Roxio/sonic software on my computer. Had to go back to the original configurations (system reboot, I think) And now, I can not access the disks that I have burned because the DVD says I need to restore using the software, but I can no longer access the software for some reason (maybe part of an upgrade, which I never did)...sounds crazy - spent hours with Dell and they say its a Sonic / Roxio problem. Anyone have a clue? Or any way for me to access these files? Your help is much appreciated (would save me much time, aggravation, $$)! The only file I can access is the readme one. Here's the contents of the readme file: Backup CD =========== This disc is a backup CD. Except for this file the contents of this disc must be accessed using your backup software.