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    Cd Spin Doctor

    Hi Thanks for all the help and suggestions. My iMac has been away for a week being fixed, only 5 weeks old!, and so have only just logged back on. I will try the toast 8 update and see how I go. I have been informed by Roxio that they have a 15 day money back guarantee if not satisfied with their products. So I guess that you can get your money if it doesn't work. Martyn
  2. martyn

    Cd Spin Doctor

    Hi Just bought CD Spin Doctor after reading 'Macworld' (as others seem to have done). As soon as I try to play back the recorded track Spin doctors just hangs and I have to Force Quit. Nothing I have tried will work to get it going. all in all a really bad day! Please does any one have any suggestions. Only just got my iMac so a bit new to all this yet. Thanks Martyn