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    Cd Spin Doctor

    Hi Just bought CD Spin Doctor after reading 'Macworld' (as others seem to have done). As soon as I try to play back the recorded track Spin doctors just hangs and I have to Force Quit. Nothing I have tried will work to get it going. all in all a really bad day! Please does any one have any suggestions. Only just got my iMac so a bit new to all this yet. Thanks Martyn
  2. martyn

    Cd Spin Doctor

    Hi Thanks for all the help and suggestions. My iMac has been away for a week being fixed, only 5 weeks old!, and so have only just logged back on. I will try the toast 8 update and see how I go. I have been informed by Roxio that they have a 15 day money back guarantee if not satisfied with their products. So I guess that you can get your money if it doesn't work. Martyn