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  1. casper001

    WinDvd 12

    At Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6 ESD was a special offer WinDvD 12 new version was delivered exstra.In meantime installed and put on PC.Later was notified that there was a patch update.What happened my new DVD12 was reset. Try to install again he asks for series nr: Do not pay attention when it was on pc.But there are asked for serial no. a separate series nr is never sent to me. With complete installation I do not see a number here. Can not be on invoice either. Contacted, only their thinking that there is a mistake ... question was I can do a series nr get ... more and not less. Once again there was an offer that you get this for free so .... !!! what now
  2. the browser does not work for me. work with explorer but it does not come into picture Example views of corel for roixo but I can not do it for each other. existing media to the hard disk works. what is not going well or what procedure should I do. Fri gr casper001
  3. I own Roxio Creator Pro 2012 should really opdate Creator to Creator NXT-Pro. Thinks there little is difference between these 2 who can tell me now clear what i should do? Iám Dutch man
  4. casper001

    Roxio Cineplayer

    which version should I check for installation. with this player if you want active. eg version 5.0 or later version.
  5. casper001

    Roxio Cineplayer

    ======================== I mean the standard speler.bij install it asks what version do u.of makes nothing out. do not have a BD player.
  6. which version should I wake up at Roxio Cineplayer Pro software.Dit is not clear to me gr Cas (Dutch)
  7. Possession Easy Media Creator 10 Suite. Should I update to: Roxy Creator 2010? What is the difference! gr Cas
  8. casper001

    Update Creator 10 Suite To Creator 2009

    Oké in het nederlands. Moet ik nu upgrade Creator 2009 ? Heb nu Easy media Creator 10 Suite,op mijn PC staan. Vraag mij af of dit kan,zodat ik geen problemen krijg met het bestaande software. Graag u mening. gr Cas
  9. Should I now update to Creator 2009 or not? Has Easy Media Creator 10 Suite. For the film I use Pinnacle.
  10. casper001

    Snelheid Programma

    Het programma loopt erg moeilijk op mijn PC. Kast: miditower 420Watt Moederbord: Asus P4P800 SE=MSI 848P neo-V Processor: P4 3.2GHz/Geheugen: 1024Mb DDR400/Videokaart: NVIDEA GeForce FX5500 Radeon , 256Mb Versie 9371/Hard disk: 2x Maxtor 160Gb SATA, 7200rpm./DVD brander: DVD+/-RW NEC ND3520 DL=NEC ND3540 met Roxio Creator 10.0.1/DVD 16x48 speed LiteOn/Floppydrive: NEC 1.44Mb/Sound on-sound AC 97 geluidskaart 240 Watt pmp Speakerset wavemaster/Logitech internet toestenbord PS/2/Logical wheel mouse PS/2 Studio 10 Plus versie 10.8 0 4641/Pinnacle Hollywood FX6.0/Pinnacle Hollywood Easy FX Editor 6.4 Pinnacle Trex / DVDR3300H Phillips 250HD machine loopt traag. Hoe komt dit? gr Casper
  11. casper001

    Install Roxio 10 Media

    By using the correct procedure. Clean installation of Media Creator. It has succeeded me install Creator 10 Can I remove now the version Creator 9? gr Casper
  12. casper001

    Install Roxio 10 Media

    Oké, Probeer Creator suite 10 te installeren. krijg melding: Sonic Cineplayer decoder pack 4.1 en Roxio media Experience 3.5 verwijderen. Heb bestaande Creator 9 suite verwijderd,dus.... maar melding blijft. Oude versie weer geinstalleerd(dus creator 9) Wat ik doe blijf melding houden,ook als ik in regdit de folders van Roxio verwijderd. Als ik zo door ga krijg ik fout melding in XP windows en dat vind ik jammer,daar mijn PC nu goed draait. Wat moet ik doen om deze nieuwe versie Creator 10 te installeren. PS: werk ook met Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. vr gr. Cas
  13. casper001

    Install Roxio 10 Media

    Sorry, try these new install media 10 of roxio. Don't zp good, what go now? by Cas
  14. Gekocht-Creator 10 suite(1 disk) on PC. Stands Creator suite 9. Swrong report: Sonic Cineplayer decoder pack 4.1 Roxio media Experience 3.5 to remove. In spite of that I version 9 has verwijdrd, continues report come. Meanwhile version 9 there op(nu bug wrongly) media experience do not stand now. The neiuwe disk, but report remains. Work with Pinnacle 11 Does this programme have to experience something there? Be no PC. man, therefore what must I do, before I have everything bungle on me PC.. gr Cas dutchman speak a little English
  15. casper001

    Translate Programme In Dutch

    is possible there translate help programme come? e.g. in Dutch vr gr Casper