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  1. Hi tsantee, you are right the what I got was an old copy as I bought back in 2010, but I was under the assumption that the analog to digital conversion would be the same process. You were also correct in saying that at the end of converting the first video I was given 3 choices and one was to export to iMovie which is what I did but I still got the same response as I did when I selected the video from the filres. As for saving to the computer all I did was to click the finish button and there was a progress bar that came up and when it was complete the finished movie was in the movie folder with the title and .mpg So I am guessing that I need to convert these movie files into another format so I can import them into either iMovie or Toast so that I can segment them and burn DVDs buy subject is that correct? Don
  2. I found some old VHS tapes from 25+ years ago that I thought were lost foever and now I want to save them and share them with my family. So I purchased the Easy VHS to DVD for MAC and found and old JVC player and copied them onto my iMAC HD, and they were all saved into a movie folder as .mpg and all went well until I tried to make the DVDs. My first try was with iMovie, version 9.0.1, when I tried to import the first .mpg file into the event library I clicked on it the window said no video clips match the current selection. I tried this with two other videos and had the same results, So I decided to try burning these using my Toast 11 Titanium, ver. 11.1, and when I drag the file over and click on the edit button I get a message "There is nothing to record. Please add some data, then try this again", which is odd because I can see the clip in the box. I am lost and do not know what to do can anyone help