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  1. I tried to put a EMC iso file on a disc from my desktop. No matter what I did, it did not see the drives on this computer which has been in use for quite some time as have the drives. I gave up and brought up Nero Express. Done.
  2. miskate

    Pal to NTSC

    that explains the disagreement.
  3. miskate

    Pal to NTSC

    sounds like we're on different sides of the pond.
  4. miskate

    Pal to NTSC

    I believe you are incorrect. Outside of computers, most players cannot play pal just as they cannot play anything outside of region 1. I am trying to convert a foreigin film to ntsc so it can be seen on our players. My mother gets gifts of Polish films and cannot watch them. I would like to use my Roxio but, with all due respect, I need information on the technique without the police work. In many publications, for sheer technical education, the publishers will explain a technique and then explain also that certain uses of the technique may not be legal. I am not asking any one to perform an illegal act. I just want the technical feedback. Thank you.
  5. miskate

    Pal to NTSC

    Roxio offers burning to ntsc, but when I burn the files they are still pal.
  6. miskate

    Pal to NTSC

    Gee, I would have sworn I said I converted using DVDshrink and then tried to burn with EMC10. Then I said, with all the DVD options under Video, I'm really not sure Which one I should use.
  7. miskate

    Pal to NTSC

    There are two issues with a conversion from PAL to NTSC. 1. The quality on the computer is excellent. On the TV it reminds me of a VHS copy. 2. I can't get the subtitles to stay on the DVD. In addition, even though I try to convert using Roxio and it says NTSC, the tv says it's PAL. So I'm Using DVDshrink for the conversion and Roxio for the burning. Another issue is that there is a load of video burning programs under the video tab in Roxio. I have no idea which one to use. I just use trial and error. The actual product is Easy Media Creator 10. thank you
  8. miskate

    Re Sort

    I copied some music files from a Karaoke disc. I am deleting the ones without accompaniment. I gave the new list numbers but it does not recognize them when I try to sort by the numbers.
  9. The forum says my display name is being used by another person. The other person is me and I want the name back. thanks