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  1. Thanks Brendon, I think I was on the wrong post. I would not Hijack someones post. The corrections are in the right place. John
  2. I am sorry I was not clea! I COULD NOT DO ANYTHING! I guess you have not run into the issue. The only messages for what it was worth were something to the effect windows could not start, attempting recovery, I would stay in this loop no matter what options I selected and then fail on the boot. I could get to the command prompt to work but even some of the commands would not work i.e. shutdown /r The only thing I could have done was take a picture with my cell and/or camera. John Edited to get the reply out of the quote.
  3. What a sad state of affairs. I have been running win10 on my laptop for 3 months with no problems. I updated our desktop about a month ago. Both of our machines were working very well. I contacted Roxio (via chat) because I could not find my startup files for Creator 11. I was told that C11 would not work with win 10. They offered NXT4 pro for a nice discount so I ordered the pro version, why I don't know but what the heck. I downloaded the product and this past Saturday 5/7 I started the install and all appeared to be going well. O I use Revo Uninstaller Pro to monitor the installation, I have yet to see a product that removes all of its junk when you decide you want to uninstall. When the install was finished it wanted to reboot. I shut down all my open programs and then rebooted. That was the last time my desktop ran! It would not boot up it kept trying to repair the system. I could not even boot into safe mode. Which kept me from using Revo to uninstall this kluge. So this morning I recovered win10 and our data is all here but there are a lot of apps missing. The only nice thing is that win 10 provided a list of all the apps that were deleted. I do regret losing the logs for Revo. O BTW Creator 11 does work under win 10. So somebody snowed somebody! I have never installed a product that totally destroyed a system. I have to hand it to Roxie they made it big time with NXT4. It is painfully obvious to me that testing is not a big deal with Roxio. I was in the IT business for 45 years (yes I was there with punched cards) and if I would have had developers/programmers who programed a POS like this they would have been fired! I will follow the forum and see when things get better. The next time I will order the basic version. Be careful. Totally disgusted. John
  4. JohnM67

    Videowave Crashes

    Well gee I stumped the Gurus , but then again Roxio support could not provide solution either other than reinstall which is what eventually worked. And Gurus don’t fret (I know you won’t) it is tough to provide help on a problem with no direct access and limited knowledge on how my system is configured. I think I have reviewed every install topic posted in this forum and I have learned a lot. I followed the suggestions posted by Jim H., Skins, and Candteek and it is obvious you have been around the block with this product in all its incarnations. I opened this thread on January 7 and was surprised that I did not receive many responses. I decided to try Roxio support via the internet options. I submitted my issue clearly and concisely. I included install logs and screen shots of the messages I received. IMHO the responses I received did not contribute to the final solution. In all fairness I believe the problem could be with the download version I was installing. However the original install worked for about 3 months and I do not planning testing at this time. I purchase a second copy of C2011 a few weeks ago for my laptop. Again a download but I ordered a backup disk! The laptop is working fine (knock on wood!) Now for my steps in re-installing C2011. 1. Un-installed all Roxio products using Revo un-installer with the ‘advanced’ option. Re-booted when asked. 2. Removed all folders established by Roxio (used some information from the forum). 3. Used Registry Crawler to remove all Roxio/Sonic entries from the registry. Six were left in the registry and I believe are for native CD/DVD writing. ? 4. Re-booted the System 5. Went into MSCONFIG and stopped all start up programs. 6. Re-booted the system. 7. Stopped Microsoft Security and Ad-Aware. Used task manager to be sure they were not lurking around. 8. This took about an hour to complete. 9. Used the backup disk from the laptop C2011 purchase and began the install. a. Base product first, reboot b. Content second, reboot. c. Down load SP1 install and reboot. 10. Started C2011 and low and behold it worked… with one minor exception. QTCF.DLL was missing. This was probably due to the aggressive nature of Revo and/or Reg Crawler. A quick check in Google and a solution was found. I ‘repaired’ Apple/Quicktime apps. Rebooted and all worked. 11. I produced a slide show I had been working on and all is well. THE END One exception VideoWave terminated abnormally again but I applied a solution from the forum that I used on the laptop and it seemed to correct the problem. I just need to find it. Again IMHO, Creator 2011 is a great product for the price. And if it was not for the Forum I don’t think I would be using Roxio. Not sure what I would be using but having the ability to contact other users is a major help. John M
  5. JohnM67

    Videowave Crashes

    No I am using IE8.
  6. JohnM67

    Videowave Crashes

    Hi all, I am having an issue with VideoWave (C11) crashing in the middle of a session. Windows 7 terminates the process and of course all work up to this point is lost. I have taken to saving about every 10-15 minutes. The failure seems to be random i.e. while adding a ‘text effect’, ‘add transition’ changing the color on a panel, etc. Also, it does not happen every session. In the particular session shown in the attachment there are 235 slides. I am developing a slide show. The slides I am using in this production are somewhat large (2meg). I know they do not need to be that big. I just have not bothered to resize them. This is not the only production that fails. Memory usage does not seem to be the issues as the session(s) do not exceed 50%. I manage to get the information below from the event logs. I looked one error up and it appears to be a ‘Heap’ error. Also, I have not found any dump files. - System - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 100 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2010-12-30T03:25:22.000000000Z EventRecordID 4526 Channel Application Computer Victoria Security - EventData MyDVD13.exe 4c445eb7 MyDVD13.exe 4c445eb7 40000015 00007e82 b6c 01cba7d12a52ee16 c:\program files (x86)\roxio 2011\videoui\MyDVD13.exe c:\program files (x86)\roxio 2011\videoui\MyDVD13.exe 6eef0ce5-13c4-11e0-986b-0021706b2bf5 ************************************************************ Faulting application name: VideoWave13.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4c776a48 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16559, time stamp: 0x4ba9b29c Exception code: 0xc0000374 Fault offset: 0x000cdc9b Faulting process id: 0xf58 Faulting application start time: 0x01cbadec3fcd1e39 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio 2011\VideoUI\VideoWave13.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll Report Id: 07dbfeb4-19e4-11e0-8fc0-0021706b2bf5
  7. JohnM67

    Adding Text To Panels

    Skins that was enough. I understand the 'road map' concept. it is just sometimes the road gets a little bumpy and fog appears! That tutorial link was great. it pointed out some of the nuances that are not apparent when you start working with the product and only read half of the manual! Although, I have had versions of Roxio since version 6 or 7. I just did not have time to really dig in and make it do what I wanted. Retirement is wonderful and I have lots of slides to redo... correctly!! Again, many thanks for your response. John
  8. JohnM67

    Adding Text To Panels

    Why is it the simple things that screw me up. About 5 minutes after sent the message I found the answer but what you added made it a little clearer. Now I need to figure out when to use 'Add text effect' or 'add text'. I am sure that will manifest itself shortly! Many thanks for your quick response. John
  9. JohnM67

    Adding Text To Panels

    I am building a slide show using VideoWave. The show is a pictorial log of a recent cruise and I want to insert a location and date between each day. I did not use a menu. I added panels before each days pictures and add text. The first problem is that the text carried over into the transition and next slides. I found that by adjusting the length of time the panels and/or transitions the text stayed with the proper panel. But this is kind of a kludge . This also happens with slides. Also, a pop-up that asks… ‘Add to production’ or ‘insert on internal track of selected panel’. I normally select the default ‘add to production’. I searched the knowledge base and found a similar query and the solution was to add the text to the internal tracks. By adding to the internal tracks the panels a transitions work great. Now the questions: A: why does this occur? What is the difference between adding to ‘internal tracks’ and ‘adding to the production’? Also, the text does not appear in the panel when the ‘story line is selected. If the answer is too lengthy could someone point to an explanation within the form or help sections. Thanks John M.
  10. JohnM67

    Slideshow - Suggested Save Option

    There is a freeware product that I am using and it works great. The price is right. If the link does not work try Rename Master in Google. http://www.snapfiles.com/reviews/Rename_Master/renamemaster.html John