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    Toast 8 can´t burn DVD's on a LG GSA-H55N?

    I dont know why you would go and say things without having the reason. First of all I updated the firmware to latest 1.06, I tested other software ( free and shareware) and none work. This drive isnt made for mac. Ppl usually buy pioneer drives which are more compatible. I believe its just good that this drive works with finder. So your solution is either to buy another drive, or stick to burning with finder. Common sense will tell you that if other software dont work maybe its not the software but the hardware. Another solution might be installing leopard which generates a generic driver for drive I believe, but drives are so cheap this days. newegg has the dvr-116 for 25 bucks, but before buying i would do some google to check and be 100% sure. Also one that will work for sure with toast was my last drive Plextor PX- 716A Their site even has the firmware updater for mac, you might find one on ebay.
  2. alias

    Toast 8 can´t burn DVD's on a LG GSA-H55N?

    I insist the problem lies with the lg burner (hardware) not Toast!! I patched it with patchburn HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N: Firmware Revision: 1.06 Interconnect: ATAPI Burn Support: Yes (Vendor Supported) Profile Path: /Library/DiscRecording/DeviceProfiles/PatchBurn-hldtstdvdramgsah55n.drprofile Cache: 2048 KB Reads DVD: Yes CD-Write: -R, -RW DVD-Write: -R, -RAM, -RW, +R, +RW, +R DL Burn Underrun Protection CD: Yes Burn Underrun Protection DVD: Yes Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO Media: No eventhough it says supported now, no software will work and I have tried a lot, the only way it burns is with finder and that doesnt include double layer DVDs. So Im changing this burner
  3. alias

    Toast 8 can´t burn DVD's on a LG GSA-H55N?

    I wouldnt say the problem lies with toast. I have an older powerpc with Tiger up to date. It has the LG GSA-H55n. Burning with the finder and apple disk utility works fine, But I have tried many burning software for mac and the same happens. I even took the time to remove the drive, put it on a pc and update firmware to version 1.06 which is the latest. I thought this would make a difference but nothing change. If toast was the problem, the other software might have work but none work on my case, just the finder and apple disk utility and itunes. this is what i get on system info
  4. alias

    Toast Titanium 5

    eventhough 5.2.3 works on 10.5, its not even supposed to. So my recommendation is to use itunes for burning music, you can use the finder to burn data. But if you need something more you could go with Toast 10, I prefer version 9 over 10.
  5. alias

    Looking For Toast 4.1.2 Or 4.1.3 Updater

    I have both 4.1.2 and 4.1.3. If there is no problem with this site I can upload them to mediafire or rapidshare, if not just pm me your emails and Ill send them
  6. alias

    What Drives Are Compatible With Popcorn 3?

    I have the same computer with the same superdrive and with applecare it has been change twice!!! The second just lasted a year and then started ejecting everything I try inserting, so I have to agree with tsantee!! Not very good hardware!!!
  7. alias

    Pay More For Re-download

    you didnt said how much he has to pay for the lesson it seems rudeness flies around this forum
  8. alias

    How Can I Burn A Combined Audio/date Cd?

    when you put the disc on your mac, 2 different discs show up? If this is so have you tried making 2 different images separately and then mounting both with toast on your desktop. I have never seen a game this way. I do know some linux cd come this way. I made a copy of my zeta (which has 2 partitions), the only software that worked for me at that time was alcohol 120 (making and then burning image). I honestly dont know if there is a mac software that can do this. maybe someone can help here
  9. alias

    I Love My VLC

    I would agree on that if you were talking of a package of codecs, but VLC wont cause any problems and it is still the number 1 option for videos and DVD on PC and MAC. VLC wont install codecs that when you decide to unisntall are left on your pc. Take it from a freak that formats his pc every 4 to 6 months
  10. alias

    I Love My VLC

    my 2 cents here forget about wmp, and go to www.videolan.org and install VLC player. You will be able to play dvds and almost 99% of all video formats. That you solve your problems
  11. alias

    Toast 8 Cd Music Burning

    if you continue to buy trashy itunes music at 128 you will have the drm problem. But if you buy itunes plus which doesnt have the DRM and is also better quality 256 you wont have problems. BTW I HATE 128 kbps. Even amazon offers better quality. So my recommendation is only to buy itunes plus music from apple. If toast has a problem there is no need to hide it but this is not a problem!!!!
  12. alias

    Disk Spanning Multiple Media

    dont think so, either all cds or all dvds
  13. alias

    Toast Installation On A Pc?

    i really dont think that is possible and why would you want to do that?
  14. alias

    Toast 5.1.2 Updated

    check your pm maggs
  15. alias

    Toast 5.1.2 Updated

    check your messages, I have sent you a link for 5.1.4 updater