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    Warning - Codec Mpeg-2 Must Be Activated

    I used the WICU first. I was missled by the OR in the clean install instructions (ID 000127CR), where it said remove programs with A/R OR WICU. I made the wrong choice. I still have some programs that I can remove with A/R but I am not sure if I should. They don't say Roxio or Sonic, they are: Xingtone Ringtone Maker, Sight Speed, DivX, DivX Converter, Player and Web Player. I am fairly sure that they are part of EMC 9 but I don't want to make any more errors. There are no other programs in the A/R list that are either Roxio or Sonic to remove. Thank You for your help.
  2. elkie

    Warning - Codec Mpeg-2 Must Be Activated

    When attempting clean install, step 3 says to delete theese files: app data\local or roaming do not exist. Common files\roxio shared, I was able to remove. The problem is: program files\roxio, I get "You need permission to perform this action". I am the administrator and I tried turning off the user account control. It asks for permission and I click ok, but the same message reapears. When I open the PF\Roxio folder it is still loaded with folders, sub folders and files. I used, windows install clean up to remove everything as per step 1.
  3. I get this warning when trying to start any video related application. Warning - Codec MPEG-2 must be activated / No permission - Bad installation. How can I correct this problem? I have 32 bit Vista Home Premium OS and EMC 9 Deluxe.
  4. The soloution is to download a patch. There are 2 patches. One if you have a Dell computer and one for full retail packaged software. I have both, so which patch do I install? Dell or retail.