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    Noise When Converting Wma Files On Mac

    Thanks for the reply. Could I send you a small wma file to test? Toast allows me to drag amd drop the file, and it appears in the audio pane, and it burns, but with a lot of noise. The audio preview from within the finder works fine. ITunes WONT allow mw to import the file...nothings happens on a drag and drop or an add to library. my email address is jnconnolly1962@yahoo.com, sendme a messageandI'll reply with a smallfile.
  2. Acoustic Jukebox

    Noise When Converting Wma Files On Mac

    When I use Toast Titanium 7.1.3 with the installed (current as far as I know) Flip 4 Mac program (downloaded from microsoft.com), I get a ton of noise on both the playback (the small play button within the toast titanium program) and on the recording...I haven't noticed this until today - I've successully burned other WMA files without a problem. The noise is like white noise but at a lower pitch and consistent through the entire recording... I can play the files using Safari 3.0.4 or with Quicktime 7.4.1 and there is no noise....