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    Tivo Recordings

    I have had nothing but trouble with this program. If you are debating buying it DONT. First, the program freezes while burning any dvd. Ok no big deal, I had to update everything and create a new username where I could reinstall the PX Engine. Then Videowave is ridiculously slow while trying to edit commercials out of tivo files. So I convert tivo files to mpeg2 so that I can edit them much quicker. I dont know why but it works alot better. Now I try and burn the edited mpeg2 file to DVD+R. It looks like its working and bang I get the 80004003 error message. I look into it and it turns out that other people had problems burning mpeg files to DVD+R files. So I try to burn the same file to a dvd+RW and I get the original error and the program freezes. I enter (c:\windows\system32\regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll) into the run box under start on windows XP. After entering that I try and burn the mpeg2 file to the DVD+R again and get the same 80004003 message. Now I was going to try burning a tivo file to the DVD+R and as soon as I select any tivo selection (movie or tv show) it says that they are protected by Digital Rights Managment. I now get this error message in any Roxio program. I never got this error before and this was the whole reason I payed for the program that tivo said would work. So whats the deal with Digital Rights Managment? I havn`t read any other posts about it and it just started now. Everything on my tivo has the same message. What do I do about this, tivo was the one who recommeded Roxio in the first place.
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    Ok, Thanks for the help, but... I tried all that and got new dvd`s and still the same problem. Now what?
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    While burning tivo recordings to MyDVD 9 the encoding percent freezes up on different amounts (1%, 9%, 99%, and 20%), however the encoding preview continues. When the movie is done playing the whole program freezes up and I have to crash it. It happened four times in a row with no error number. I recently downloaded Easy Media Creator 9 after having problems with a much older version (like version 6 or something). I don`t remember the exact error number I was getting because I figured it just had to be updated, but I remember it saying something about error with the sense code. Its a Velocity Micro computer with Windows XP Professional The video card is a NVIDIA GeForce 6600 The burner is a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S The dvd`s are Memorex DVD+RW If you need to know anything else just ask. Thanks, Ryan