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  1. I am using roxio creator plus. I cannot get any of my new cd-rw disks to do a full format. I am using windows os xp pro. The disks start to format and after 30-35 mins. I get a fault "format failed due to media damage". I also get fault codes of 1)software exception 0xc00000le at location 0x0036ad99 "click ok to terminate", 2)"instruction @ 0x12985383 referenced memory @ 0x00000000 the memory cannot be read, click ok to terminate and 3)"runtime Error-R6025. If I recall correctly, I believe these problems started occurring with the installation of Windows sp1 and more pronounced when sp2 was installed. I have looked for updates for creator plus and haven't found any. Does anyone have a solution? Your help would be greatly appreciated.