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  1. Folks- This may be a no-brainer for some, but with my experience limited to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, it was a show-stopper for me. In case there are more like me, I hope this helps. I wanted to print two labels per sheet on my 8962 Avery Ink Jet DVD Labels sheets. I crawled through the unfamiliar Label Creator window, eventually got something acceptable with no frills that took me 10 times longer than my usual trusty Sharpie marker, and proceeded to Print... I selected the template for Avery 5931, saw only one upper disc label populated and one lower greyed out and blank in the Print Preview pane, so I ignorantly selected Number of Copies: 2. The Print Preview pane didn't change, but what the heck, I clicked on Okay and got... one sheet with only one disc label and one blank label. Here's where my need for anger management kicked in as my frustration built up. It was 8 a.m. EST and still 3 hours before phone Tech Support opened up. Their recording suggested searching for a solution at support.roxio.com. I tried RoxAnn, but that novelty somehow interpretted "How do I print two disc labels per sheet?" as a problem WRITING to disc. I checked the FAQs but didn't see any printing topics. I submitted a Help Ticket, hopefully without too much aggravation and profanity. I read every topic through all 15 pages of this How To/Usability discussion. It finally became 11 a.m. EST and I was able to talk to "Steve" in Tech Support. I may have a lot of personal aggravation using EMC10 by the seat of my pants (without a user manual) but I have great praise for the demeanor and competence of Tech Support, both in the past and today. Thanks, Steve! The answer: Click on the lower greyed out disc. It becomes white and populated with the label information, same as the label above it. Now I print what I see, and get two disc labels on the sheet. I thanked Steve for the solution, but asked where I could have found this simple instruction in any Roxio user documentation or Help facility, if there is any. He didn't sound like he knew, but said many other (non-MS?) graphics programs use a preview pane for options. I said every MS preview pane I've dealt with is just for status, and there's nothing to click or select that I knew of. Why doesn't Roxio put an instruction on the Print... window, "Click on disc image in Print Preview to activate printing" or something like that. Is this step that universal in other applications? Well, there you go. Hope this helps. V/r, Larry B.
  2. Thanks, Jim. I wasn't suggesting to use slides. Although I didn't mean to defend or propose any solution to (what I interpretted as ) Loneriver's question, I appreciate learning about the IDMS 99 chapter limit. I just thought I saw a disconnect between grandpabruce's comment ("... why anyone would want to fast forward to another picture...") and Loneriver's question. Grandpabruce seemed to have a slideshow solution in mind, where I thought Loneriver was trying to avoid a typical slideshow and was instead looking for a way to archive and view large numbers of photos, analogous to a deck or stack of photos, or an old fashioned photo album of family photos, or the ability to page through sets of thumbnails, such as on my (and most?) digital camera playback/view modes or the movie chapters on Scene Selection on a movie DVD. Sknis' suggestion to use jpeg picture disc sounded like what Loneriver wanted, although there was no follow-up or thanks from Loneriver, as you say. I had typed "Don't worry, I don't think anyone will hand you a disc with 99 (or more) photos for your viewing pleasure!" when I realized that a few hyper-enthusiastic friends have done just that, although not DVD player compatible. I agree, it's annoying, but probably unavoidable due to the technical nature of the photo-information. As I said, I think Loneriver was looking for a way to archive photos on a DVD playable disc. Maybe it was for Loneriver's own use. Maybe there are situations where someone needs to deliver a large number of photos yet allow the viewer to randomly access them for selected viewing. Think of a work situation, like a model or fashion show photo shoot, or documenting an environmental event, and the photographer sends hundreds of shots to an editor who chooses the best photos for the purpose. (Or my friends sending me large numbers of photos of rock climbing instruction or anchor systems!) You caught me! Yes, I looked back through all 15 pages of How To/Usability topics, looking for a solution to my morning problem du jour. I think I'll have to open a new topic. I hope I don't regret it because it's something simple and stupid. Thanks a lot, Roxio. Again, thanks for the reply. V/r, Larry B.
  3. (Reply to Bruce) Maybe the goal is not a slide show production of photos, maybe the goal is to replicate having a stack or photo album of photos that you can fan through and select any favorites to view without viewing each and every one in full view for some full time. Imagine an analogy of having a photo album spanning a year, and just wanting to see the Christmas ones. If this full year's photo album can be simulated on disc, then why page through every photo on every page just to get to the last pages with Christmas photos? At least, with all due respect, that's my interpretation of the original question and scenario/requirements/goal. I believe we agree that a slideshow should make each and every picture important and valuable to the show, and build interest from beginning to end. And if you still can't please all of the viewers all of the time, an occasional FF/Next Slide is allowed. I am talking to a vision of some bearable number of slides as well, probably between 10 and .... well, that depends on the topic and the audience, of course. Most of us can watch hours of our own home movies (or photos), but close relatives can look at significantly less, down to about 30 seconds (and probably less) for disinterested, busy co-workers.
  4. So shouldn't Roxio fix this problem and make an update or patch available? Obviously, I'm new and not very experienced or happy with Roxio EMC 10. With 15 pages of "How To/Usability" questions/discussion, I am apparently far from being alone. And some PC magazine said this is an award winning product? Makes me wonder... Meantime, I'm looking for some info to help print 2 disc labels per page for my Avery 8962 label sheets. I click on "2 copies" but it only prints 1. (Uses template Avery 5931.) I'm not even going to worry about the spine labels at this time, but I don't see anywhere to edit those yet, either. I'll call Support when those lazy sleepyheads finally open at 11 a.m. EST. RoxAnn was completely idiotic, thinking my question about "How to make Label Creator print two disc labels per sheet" was a question about WRITING to disc. DUH?? Useless and a waste of my time. NOTHING about printing in FAQs that I could find.