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  1. I have suddenly started getting the error message that the roxio softscsi host adapter driver will not start. I have determined that the driver is in the location specified, but for some reason it will not start. Can anyone tell me what it is for and give me some idea how to fix this error? thank you.
  2. jojoand

    Are Bad Reviews Accurate

    While researching the newest version of Creator, I noticed the reviews on Amazon were almost totally negative, with most saying they couldn't even get it to run. Have there been any recent updates which have corrected some of these problems? I am using Creator 2009 on Windows 7 (and yes, for the most part it is working, though I don't use all of its modules). I'm wondering if I would have even more problems with the newer version meant to run on Win7 than I do with the 2009 version. I usually end up buying a new version closer to the end of the year when it is more affordable and has many of the initial problems corrected.
  3. jojoand

    Location Disk Catalog Files

    I finally got around to trying the fix and it worked like a charm! Thanks again. On the computer where I actually wanted to change the location, the line was approximately where you indicated. On the laptop I was using when I responded earlier, it was in another position, but perhaps because I had added user settings.
  4. jojoand

    Location Disk Catalog Files

    Sorry about the earthquakes! Do you live in New Zealand? I hope you've had no damage. I finally found the line, but it was much further down in my file. There were many other music settings values before it. I have not yet tried changing it but will report when I do. And thanks again.
  5. jojoand

    Location Disk Catalog Files

    Brendan, I'm impressed with your knowledge of Roxio! I think I found the file, but I could not find the line with the path you described below. Is there only one user.config file? The file I found was mostly filled with settings for audio and the like. I found few, if any path settings. But thanks for trying to help. Luckily it is not a big problem for me not to be able to relocate the files.
  6. jojoand

    Location Disk Catalog Files

    Sorry, I thought there was only one Disk Catalog function. One module of the program will catalog your DVD (and possible CD) disks to enable you to find out what is on each disk. Once cataloged, you can search the database and it will find the file you are looking for and tell you what disk it is on. The database for these files is stored in the Users area of the C:drive and I would like to relocate it to my D or DATA drive. I'm not sure this is possible and was just asking if anyone knew if it was. Thanks for trying to help.
  7. jojoand

    Location Disk Catalog Files

    I would like my disk catalog files to be on my DATA drive so that it backs up with that drive. Is there a way to specify where those files will be located? Thank you.
  8. jojoand

    Won't produce wide screen video

    OK, then that is what I did. I thought he meant to select it from the program module (Videowave).
  9. jojoand

    Won't produce wide screen video

    OK, I am using Roxio My DVD (a part of Creator 2009). The video was recorded from a live TV show using Windows Media Center and then turned into a .wmv file by Windows LIve Movie Maker. The file plays as widescreen and it was recorded from an HD tv program. When I play the wmv file in windows media player, it plays widescreen. There is no "video/advanced" choice on my edit menu, but I do select "Project settings" on the file menu and select 16x9. The menu shown is then widescreen and the video ON THE MENU looks widescreen, but when I preview the video or create it, the video becomes 4x3 size in the actual video. I have seen others with this problem and it had to do with not recognizing the correct file ratio. There really isn't anything more I can tell you. Perhaps My DVD just doesn't work properly with wmv files, (and I am sorry I got that last letter wrong, I meant wmv, not wmf.)
  10. jojoand

    Won't produce wide screen video

    Actually, I am using a file created by Windows Live Movie Maker from a TV program I recorded. It is a wide screen, high def program and the wmf file that it created is wide screen. In DVD maker the movie was created as a wide screen, but I wanted to do more with it in Creator 2009. But when I burned it (or previewed it) in Creator 2009, it was not in wide screen.
  11. jojoand

    Won't produce wide screen video

    I have tried to get a wide screen DVD and have chosen the 16x9 option, but the video still turns out 4x3, which scrunches everything up, since it was captured wide screen. Is there a way to get Creator 2009 to produce a wide screen video?
  12. I was only SUGGESTING that Roxio rethink their license, since many software companies now allow placing on a laptop and a desktop as long as both are not being used at the same time. I know Roxio only allows one PC per license. But thank you for the clarification.
  13. Those are the terms of service for the website. It doesn't address the software except to say "see the software terms of use". I did not download the software from the website but purchased it from a store, although I am sure the terms are the same.
  14. Many programs allow one to install a program on a desktop and a laptop, if they will not be used at the same time...sort of as a convenience. Is this possible with Roxio? If not, I encourage them to allow it.
  15. jojoand

    Creator 2009 in Windows 7

    I'm surprised that you can't install it in Windows 7. I have installed it several times, both in Win 7 RC and after I installed the final release version of Win 7. I haven't found any serious incompatibilities, though I haven't tried out every module. You should at least be able to install it. I'll post later when I try to burn a DVD.