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    Toast 11 -Dog Slow-

    Also having the same slow burn problem - using 8x Datawrite media, Toast 11 won't burn above 4x. Toast 10 does it practically twice as fast. I think in future I'll hold off on any Roxio major version number upgrade until they issue at least 2 point releases to fix all the bugs they introduce each time. Sometimes it seems like they add a load of new features, but actually degrade the core of the application. Very disappointing.
  2. dpg50000

    Chapter Markers - Bd On Dvd

    Hi, any news on the update? This does seem to be taking rather a long time.
  3. dpg50000

    Installing Audio Capture Support In Spin Doctor

    Got mine working a day or two after my post. It all looked right (it is supposed to show under the Output tab as other have mentioned), but there was nothing coming through - the level meters didn't move. Not sure exactly how I fixed it - I did all the usual, repaired disk permissions, ran the daily/weekly/monthly clean-up tasks (sudo periodic daily weekly monthly) and rebooted. It then started working. Strange! Happy with the product now - it works very well.
  4. dpg50000

    Can't Capture Streaming Audio From Internet In Cd Spin Doctor

    Thanks for the quick reply. If my setup is correct with the CDSD Capture Suport showing as an output in System Preferences, then I'm a bit stumped. When I start recording via the CDSD input in Spin Doctor, the Microphone level meter doesn't show any actiivty, although the recorded file size does increase. When I stop the capture and view it in CD Spin Doctor, I have a file of the correct length but it's completely blank. I'll do some more digging later tonight and see what I can find, unless you can suggest anything further?
  5. dpg50000

    Installing Audio Capture Support In Spin Doctor

    Do you have the CDSD Audio Capture showing under the Input tab of the Sound pane in system Preferences? Mine is showing under the Output tab, and I can't capture any system audio.
  6. dpg50000

    Can't Capture Streaming Audio From Internet In Cd Spin Doctor

    Is there a timescale for the fix? I have Toast 9, with CD Spin Doctor v5.0.4.706t running on Leopard 10.5.6. The audio capture support device only appears in the output list in the Sounds pane of System Preferences. It does appear as an input source on the CDSD recording panel, but I can't record any system audio. I've trashed my .plist file for CD Spin Doctor, repaired disk perms and re-installed the audio support many times. I've even deleted the CD Spin Doctor kext file and re-installed (which obviously puts it back). Still unable to record system audio. Thanks in advance.
  7. dpg50000

    Buffer Underrun Errors Since 9.0.4 Update

    Datawrite Titanium DVD+R 16x in an LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-E60N burner.
  8. Since I installed the 9.0.4 update, every time I try to burn a Video_TS folder, Toast gives an error right at the end of burning (just before the Lead-Out starts to be written). The error states "Buffer underrun error. Writing was halted because data could not be sent to the recorder fast enough to maintain the current write speed. Please try again with a slower write speed." It then proceeds to write the lead-out, but if you look at the disc in Toast afterwards, it shows as not blank but won't mount. I have trashed my preferences files, fixed disk permissions, rebooted etc. Problem persists. If I go back to 9.0.2, all works fine, so I know it's not the media, writer or source files. Help! OS X 10.5.5, all updates.
  9. dpg50000

    Streamer Keeps Trying To Convert A File

    I converted an unprotected DVD of my rallying to a .m4v file using Toast 9's convert option, selecting iPhone / iPod Touch as the output option. When I launch Streamer and either add the movie or drag and drop it, Toast 9 is launched again and it starts exporting the file as another .m4v file (same name as the original with [number] at the end, e.g. Rally2006 [1].m4v) Why is it doing this?
  10. dpg50000

    Using Applescript To Add Folders To Mp3 Disc

    Sorted it with a small code change: set folderSelected to choose folder "Select a folder" tell application "Finder" set folder_name to name of folderSelected set sourceList to every folder of folderSelected set NoOfFolders to number of items in sourceList end tell tell application "Toast Titanium" activate set myDisc to make MP3 disc set name of myDisc to folder_name repeat with j from 1 to NoOfFolders add to myDisc items (item j of sourceList as alias) end repeat end tell
  11. I'm trying to get Toast 9 to add all the subfolders of a chosen folder to a new MP3 Disc. The attached script works fine except it adds the source folder, then puts all the subfolders inside it. IE Disc layout becomes Source Folder ----> subfolder 1 ----> subfolder 2 How do I add just the subfolders of folderSelected? set folderSelected to choose folder "Select a folder" tell application "Finder" set folder_name to name of folderSelected end tell tell application "Toast Titanium" activate set myDisc to make MP3 disc set name of myDisc to folder_name add to myDisc items folderSelected end tell
  12. dpg50000

    Audio Fingerprint Technology

    I converted a bunch of MP3 files to AIFF, just to test the identification in CD Spin Doctor. Sure enough, it identifies the tracks well. However, it only allows you to load up one track at a time. What a waste of time. Seriously considering getting a refund on my upgrade. There's basically nothing in this release for me.
  13. dpg50000

    Audio Fingerprint Technology

    Ok - I've upgraded to Toast 9. However, the "Audio Fingerprinting Technology" doesn't seem to work with MP3's. When you go to select new files in CD Spin Doctor, MP3's (and iTunes non-DRM tracks for that matter) are grayed out. http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/toast/titanium/listen.html seems to show it working with M4A tracks, and says <quote> "Now you can easily identify and tag music tracks recorded from LP, tape or Internet or all those unknown tracks in your library. Song names, artists, genres and more are just a click away! No more "track_01" on your iPod!" The documentation for CD Spin Doctor is poor at best, it's really no help at all. In fact, the whole Toast 9 product smacks of being rushed. Does the "Audio Fingerprinting Technology" work with anything other than AIFF files?
  14. dpg50000

    Audio Fingerprint Technology

    Has anyone tried the "Audio Fingerprint Technology" in Toast 9, as per http://www.roxio.com/eng/products/toast/titanium/listen.html If you have, how accurate is it for identifying individual tracks? I have loads of untagged MP3's in folders. The tracks in these folders are not always in the same order as the original album, and a lot of them were just ripped straight from my CD's with names such as 01 - Audio track 01 etc, etc. Also, are the manuals available anywhere on the Roxio website? I would quite like to read up on the new features (esp. the Audio Fingerprinting) in a bit of depth prior to upgrading from Toast 8.
  15. dpg50000

    Dvd From Video Ts Folder Crashes 9

    Superb. Thanks for the quick reply.