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    Dvd-rw Read Error

    No, they are open according to Creator Basic 9. I have however finalized them on the DVD Recorder. RCB9 will not let me finalize (nor is there a Close option) them since the are DVD-RW. I have the options set to "Track at Once, Open". Thanks, EricB
  2. I am trying to copy DVD-RW/DVD+RW disks, and the read process gets to the end then ejects the DVD and gives me an error. These disks have been created using a dedicated DVD Recorder connected to my DVR. The shows that are recorded are TV shows like New Yankee Workshop. I don't believe it is a DRM issue because I can copy DVD+R and DVD-R disks that have been created the same way. This is happening with multiple disks. I have run the disks through a Memorex Cleaner/Repairer and there are no scratches, finger prints, etc. Only trying to copy a DVD-RW/DVD+RW disk causes the problem. Anyone have any idea what the issue might be? Thanks, Eric