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    Won't Recognize Disc

    I am sure this has been dealt with before but this has been an ongoing problem for me, I have lost many discs which amounts to lost $, anyway I have tried and tried again and again putting discs in, the message I get is: The Drive Reported an error: Sense by: ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense Code: 0 x 30 INCOMPATIBLE MEDIUM INSTALLED Help Please! i am operating Mac os 10.4 and the latest discs i have tried to record pictures on are memorex lightscribe CD-R's....I ahve tried to flip 'em over and keep puttin' back in tryin' new 1's etc...
  2. freightrain

    No Recorder Found

    I have been having all kinds of problems with this program, toast 7, i have a lacie recorder and the software came with this unit, this unit or software is very picky on which discs it will record on, i have lost many, well now the latest problem i tried to update to 7.1.3 and now when i press the burn button a message "no recorder found" comes up , i am operating on mac os 10.1.4, can anyone please help? thanks!