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  1. Is there a way I can move around menus and sub-menus to flow? (And also to allow more "buttons" on each menu page? I was unable to edit my movie (a previously burned DVD containing 3 mini DVDs just added together) in Videowave due to errors and issues where the audio segregated from the video. I was able to make a rough fix by creating chapters in My DVD", but the way the movie was imorted, I was "Given" (by the program) 6 menus. Inside that I created 2-8 menus each. (In some cases I also deleted "bad" chapters.). In one case, I need to move one section from the first menu to the second (The pre-determined chapter split was not very good, and I want the last section from the first menu to be a part of the second). The rest wound just be nice if I could group a bit different. The timeline is overall correct, it would just be nice if I could label the sections better. (For example, I have a menu that has 2 items- Superbowl and my daughter in the snow. The next menu has my daughter sledding, and then building a snow-man, etc. I would like Superbowl to stand alone in a menu, and the 3 snows together. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. dbrabe

    Using videowave

    Did you ever get any resolution to your problem? I have had very similar problems. The crashes have been a regular occurance since I've started trying to edit films. Just today I've started having the issue with the sound starting a few seconds before the video. (Only after I split a section). I've tried the clean install, registry cleans, working without Norton running, etc. My movies also come from a mini DVD recorder (Sony). Been trolling discussions looking for tips to make this process a little less tedious. HP6400 2048 MB RAM 500 GB. Vista OS
  3. dbrabe

    Help! Editing Errors

    I currently have 500GB hard drive with 2038 RAM.THere is still 280 GB free space.... are you thinking I need additional external hard-drive as well? I've purposely kept only a few videos at a time on the computer to work with so that I don't waste space with extra files that I don't need yet. Am I barking up the wrong tree? I've seen a few different posts re JVC and SOny mini-cams..... Mine is a Sony 405 (seen no refernce to this) Can Roxio not handle the 30 minute at a shot medias? Would it be helpful to try and import 10-15 min at a time? That would be a pain, but perhaps I can get through these and then keep the files smaller
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    Help! Editing Errors

    THis is a bought and paid for version of EMC9.(Right on the CD it says certified for Windows Vista as well) WIth the troubles I'm having with this one, I'm not going to pay another $70 bucks to try 10, and hope that it works. I did find that going through ViedoWave vs My DVD fixes the splitting issues, but I can still only work about 30 minutes before VideoWave 9 errors crash the program.I'm fighting my way through this (and also taking up the fight with both HP and Microsoft to try and find resolutions). Whoever can solve the issues first, wins. I was just hoping perhaps others have come accross such hang-ups and had some solutions.
  5. dbrabe

    Help! Editing Errors

    I have checked to be sure that the line (Scrubber?) is on the correct panel of what I am trying to split, but still have that same error. For the time I've given up here and am trying to work the same process through the chapters (Thank you for the search through tips)...... Not sure I like it, but made some progress until my "VideoWave9" errors returned. I really liked Windows Movie Maker when I used to work with MPGs, but it does not accept VOB so it seems I'm stuck with Roxio. To be fair it could be Vista or my computer (but this is a new, fairly powerful computer), but errors and getting kicked out are not what I had in mind.
  6. dbrabe

    Help! Editing Errors

    OK...... AFter using the clean-up problem for the second time, I no longer am getting VideoWave 9 errors, however, I am still getting locked at being able to perform only one split.After that, the movie no longer shows in on the top preview pane, and if I try to spilt the timeline, the error says "CAnnot split selected item....make sure that the position indicator is positioned over the selection, or select the right item to split..... Is it just me, or is the "Easy" in Easy MEdia creator a bit of a laugh? Any help would be great, I just want to move my home movies off of 30 min DVD's to a larger one with some supposedly "Simple" edits.
  7. dbrabe

    Help! Editing Errors

    . Thank you for your reply. I do wish that it was that simple. We do have a separately store bought version. We have MyDVD version It is when we use this feature and try to split video that we experience the "videowave 9" error.
  8. Help! I'm trying to do what I think should be basic movie editing. I imported 30 minute movie from Camcorder DVD. I want to cut out deadspace, add chapters and text. Sounds simple??????? If I try to split more than 1 minute I get VideoWave9 error and the program closes. I did succeed once, but then I could not play the next section (PLay option no longer available in preview screen, Storyboard scene or Timeline.) I've contaced support twice, and sent one patch, and then instructions to "clean" and reinstall. Still having the same errors. I cannot install the 9.1 patch because I get errors that the correct software does not exist... I just want to have some relatively clean looking home movies. I have a HP7760. Vista OS and EMC9.