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    Core i7 920 (2.6ghz), Win 7 (64bit), 6GB Ram DDR3 (1033), 2 x 4670 GPUS 2GB Crossfire. Roxio 2011
  1. duftopia

    Unfinalized Dvd's

    I have a bunch of "Unfinalized" dvd's from various old machines from the past and I Really could use a program that can "brute Force" finalize some of these dvd's to recover the lost files, or some method to get at the corrupted videos, the disks are probably VR mode and I am annoyed at the whole affair. Duf
  2. duftopia

    Split to Remove Confusion

    I don't make that statement lightly, I have run corel, magix, vegas, and movie maker and none of them have the win 7 issues that roxio exhibits with OTHER running programs, I did a fresh OS install and it did not go away, maybe it reaides in the 64 but win7 install or in one of my core programs that I always install like anydvd, System suite, or network magic and MS office but I really have a serious problems with ONLY ROXIO when multi-tasking. When ROxio works even after multiple restarts it Consistantly produces better results and that is why I am searching for people with similar isses like lost chapters, restarts, slow encoding etc... to improve my operation.
  3. duftopia

    8007000E Error While Encoding Menu

    Sorry I didn't mean to hijack the thread I just saw I had a reply and thought it was in my thread I will deleted the last message if I can
  4. duftopia

    8007000E Error While Encoding Menu

    It helps in some cases yes! and I am doing blu-rays mostly
  5. duftopia

    Creator 2011 Issues Encoding, Bugs, Slowdowns

    The forum is called "roxio Community" -> Easy media creator, creator 2011 isn't that "roxio creator 2011 pro"? thats what its says on the software boxed version I bought, this is a forum and you are (hopefully) a user of the product trying to help where roxio Support could not, short of telling me repeatedly to re-load the OS everytime a failure occurred. IF I did make up my mind I would have returned the product. I returned roxio creator at least 2 times in the last 10 years this version was the first to actually work over %50 of the time!; Now I've managed to get it to work over %80 of the time and so I am trying to make it work %100 and in multi-tasking mode, Thats all! Burn Data disk and subsets work 100%, edit video advanced, copy convert and burn image have no serious issues only BOT is crippled or dysfunctional and create DVD's have serious problems that I am trying to address, unfortunatly create dvds are inportant for me. So if you guys have any ideas about a work around I appreciate any help!
  6. duftopia

    Creator 2011 Issues Encoding, Bugs, Slowdowns

    I missed the option "pre-render menus". While I was typing this reply the encoding that roxio was running for 4 hours went from %34 complete to %0 and restarted!, so this restart issue allowed me to try The pre-render option, hopefully the encoding will not bomb out in 9 hours near the end this time (if it ever gets there today) As FOr BOT clicking the option backup/restore from the main menu issues a message "backontrack" service cannot run followed by a "maybe backontrace service was not installed properly". I Never used this software option in Creator since I left the roxio family for nearly a decade on bad software issues and went to sonic (who I think now owns roxio). So I installed roxio 2011 pro and read somewhere that it does not run on win 7 2011 64 bit or maybe the roxio people want more money for this also? $29.99 for Cineplayer! I paid allot for creator pro it should have been included, maybe if bot works I will consider it. Right Now I see %25-37 CPU and %1< on GPU, this is true about all encoding with roxio, Sometimes the gpus are used up to a max of %25 but now its not!. By the way I was using a ROXIO menu style and your feature caused yet a NEW message saying: "addchaptertoplaylist() - playlistaddchaptermark()- authorscript call failed. error while importing media" so thats a dead end! Sorry it was a good idea though!
  7. duftopia

    8007000E Error While Encoding Menu

    NONE of the above works, I've had this problem from the getgo myself the ONLY solution thusfar has been to select different Menu Styles and NOT be running ANYTHING else of consequence when encoding, and then cross your fingers that it doesn't bomb in the end of the 9 hour run. I've been VERY fortunate that the error has digressed in frequency since I took out some major firewall and av software, but I've presented this question again in forum to see if I can once again begin multi-tasking w/o fear during encoding with roxio. IF someone has a solution short of re-install your OS, please present it, I will entertain anything of reasonable intelligence
  8. duftopia

    Split to Remove Confusion

    Again I will repeat Creator 2011 does not run well with neighbors on win 7. I've surfed the net and ran small programs but Major number crunches and/or graphics have caused failures as well as firewalls, AV programs, large excel macro based designs. Pull the plug on any obvious cpu hogs running in background using task manager, also a disk defrags was an Excellent idea, try that first - check to insure your HD is clean and that there at least 2x times the project size in freespace. See if you can keep an eye on where the encoding fails, if in the Video file generation then you may need to do a demux if in the roxio menu encoding then try a different menu style. and Good luck
  9. My First Issues while encoding files Roxio creator 2011 runs ONLY in a Modality mode (in that it has to have %100 of the system resources all the time or it fails), thereby rendering my multi-tasking computer inoperable while TRYING to do its job. (I did the Software/hardware options in the menu to remedy this it failed) ALSO I have 2x Nvidia 4670 crossfire GPU to assist in releasing the CPU MIPS while encoding, yet I SELDOM if ever see roxio using more than %20 of the 1ST GPU's cycles, and NEVER uses the second GPU's Cycles, I have Hardware encoding set in options and Damned if I try to run a mild graphics game in the background - such an operation will crash roxio with a 8000XXXX message or simply restart the encoding operation from 0% How do I get MyDVD and other operations to multi-task without generating 8000XXXX messages or restart encoding at 0% all the time. #2: The Backup and restore module when run gives me a "backontrack" service cannot run followed by a "maybe backontrace service was not installed properly". Am I to understand it simply does not work on Windows 7? #3: The "create DVDs" software modules Menu Styles seems to be a Hit or Miss endeavor, the menu styles (including the default) can fail to encode ONLY at the end of a project (typically waisting 1 - 9 hours) and the AV saving checkbox NEVER saves time when trying to recover from the many failure messages as well as THIS particular problem. - - - Is there a way to shuffle the (re-) or encoding process to attempt to operate on the smaller ROXIO generated menu FIRST then do the BULK work later soas to fail earlier in the process rather than 9 hours later, or is there a fix for the crippled av saving checkbox that can make the project pick-up where it left off rather then re-start a 9 or 10 hour encoding process from the beggining? #4: IN "Mydvd" module specifing the option to add motion to all menus and submenus SIMPLY does not work, this process has to be done manually each and every time for every chapter and clip. #5: When Burning to DVD, Blu-Ray at "original" and sometime "HQ quality" settings ROXIO w/o pre-user notification defaults to "Fit to Disc" option excessively shrinking the project to sub-standard quality. I have gotten around this issue by encoding to Hard Disk then re-encoding to the Target Media using some FREEWARE programs such as imgburn. What do I do to remedy this within the software? #6 Where do I find the "ADD-ON" blue-ray player module for my "Roxio creator 2011 profession" (that apparently does NOT play blu-rays that it creates?) - - - - - - (Core i7 920 (2.6ghz), Win 7 (64bit), 6GB Ram DDR3 (1033), 2 x 4670 GPUS 2GB Crossfire. Roxio 2011) - - - -
  10. duftopia

    Some Burned Blu-Rays Play, Some Don't

    Well The goal was to get ONE player that worked with ALL my video files, this has NOT been ackomplished as of yet! FOrmat c:\ is NOT an option - I purchase software to get good support and working programs not Beta and (PD) public domain quality, thusfar I see only a marginal difference between the retail software and the Freeware and that has me very disappointed,, althought I have learned to fix most of the problems with Roxio Creator 2011. (Most) Thanks for your help
  11. I have roxio creator 2011 pro, I thought that had everything but I am beggining to wonder! I created several Blu-rays with my version then went to play them and its a hit / miss situation. Some of them play some of them don't!. ALSO Some of the blu-rays I create with roxio do not work with cyberlink and none work with vlc. is this due to the fact that I am not certain if 2011 pro has the proper authoring tools? Duf
  12. duftopia

    Split to Remove Confusion

    Don't be dis-enchanted! Creator 2011 pro has issues with windows 7 in that it does not live well in the neigborhood. I was able to reduce the errors by well over %90 by eliminating my firewall and anti-virus program (system suite 11), NOT running Full screen applications or thashing with other rendering programs. ALSO Creator runs very well with GPU support, get your latest drivers if you have a GPU. When Preparing your project plan for a vacation, unplug the network, close any firewalls and let creator run all on its own (if possible). I have a corei7 myself and the program doesn't seem to care if I use %60-70 cpu, it will in fact crash on less then %10 of cpu power it all has to do with the programming modality, Creator just does not live well with others AT ALL. Hope that helps Duf
  13. duftopia

    Videowave Crashes At 97% Complete

    I just got Roxio 2011 and had the very same error, I rectified it by dropping external .mp3 music files from the projects. It seems when Roxio crashes LATE in the burn it is in the process of doing the customized menus of the film, used the canned stuff instead of modding these to get a working project, then if you can insert the CORE films into the canned working menus, added backgrounds and audio to create a working copy. I know this is stupid and sonys movie studio fixed this very same issue with there software nearly a decade ago, but Roxio seems to be playing breaking new ground. Good Luck Duf
  14. duftopia

    Video Wave

    I am having the same problems, the error says "videowave has stopped working". Also when running the encoder nearly any program running alongside is can disrupt the process, I cannot run the encoder in background and after it finishes it typically starts over from the beggining w/o alerting me to why, the Tool feature to pick up where it left off does not work and its driving me crazy, ROXIO suppport simple send me the samed canned message about reading some directx instructions and possible issues but that is absolutely no help and tehy simply aren't trying to help. So what does a paid client do aside from dumping the package! I run a corei7 920 with 6 gigs ram 64 but windows 7. Duftopia
  15. duftopia

    video encoding won't complete when using own background

    I have similar issuesaside from infrequent freeze-ups when I replace the menu audio with an MP3 file its a throw up whether videowave will fail at 97%. Also running Roxio in the background while running heros 3 in the foreground (to bide the time) will cause the encoding system to fail and start over!, this is with hardware and software encoding options. I have a corei7 920 and 6 gigs ram running 64 bit, the rosio programs is sloppy at best and does not take advantage of multi-tasking - it has to be running nearly solo to work. Changing styles do not apply properly to sub-menus and I have to go in manually make mods, and crashes on background and audio changes. When will roxio (if ever) address these issues? Duf