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  1. Yes thats exactly what I get. If this is normal it should say that there no updates and not that the Download failed. Costas
  2. When I check for updates I get the a window from Software Manager that says: "download failed" Either you are not connected to the internet for the flexnet connect servers are currently unavailable click retry or cancel This is happening for few days now I use Roxio Creator NXT Pro with Windows 7
  3. CostasCal

    Add Transition To A Selected Group Of Slides

    With reference to question 1: I selected 10 slides by: selecting the first slide that i like to add a transition then I hold down the Shift Key and click the 10nth slide. Then I select "Add Transition". A window comes up that gives me 3 choises -Add/replace transition before current slide -Add/replase transition after current slide -Add/replace tansition between all panels in production It did not give me the option: "Add/replace transition within selection" I know how to select multiple files in windows with the Shift-Key. The selection of a group or slides works OK when I add auto-motion.... but not when I add a Transition. Costas
  4. I have 2011 Creator Pro , and I use Videowave to create a slide show video. I have added about 100 pictures in this video file. I applied "auto motion" to all the slides, by selecting all side using Shift key and selecting all slides. Then I want to add a different transition for every 10 slides. I sellect 10 slides with Shift key. A windows pops-up to tell me where to add the transition. But it does not give me the option to select a group of slides. ... A night before i could not do this and after few tries it worked... Now I try and it does not work again.. Question 1. How can I add a transition to a group of the selected slides? Qestion 2. How can I add a group of 4-5 different transitions to apply to all slides in the file (timetable), so that they can be applied randomly? Thanks Costas Calogeropoulos
  5. CostasCal

    Picture Motion Video Effect

    Yes, that's exactly what i was looking for... but i was looking in the Tranistions and Video Effects Thank you ver much Costas
  6. I have Roxio 2011 pro. I know that with Microsoft Windows Movie maker, you can create a slide show, where the picture in the slide moves slowly, giving a perception that the still picture scene is a video (specially for a landscape). How can this be done with Roxio Videowave or slide show creator? Transition only changes the a portion betweeb two pictures.. I suspect this motion must be a visual effect...But I have not found it yet Can any body help? Costas Calogeropoulos
  7. CostasCal

    Dvd Playback Problems

    I have a new Dell XPS Studion Desktop running Windows 7, with all the latest drivers. My DVD player is TSSTcorpDVD+-RW TS-H653G I use Roxio Creator 2010 Pro I created videos using the Videowave and then I used MyDVD to create the DVD. The DVD has an introduction video and 7 video movies I burned the first DVD using a Sony blank DVD-R Ver. 2.0/1X-8X. The burning of the 1st Sony DVD worked fine and so did the playback. I realized that I did some mistakes in the video-scenes and I modified some video scenes. The burning of the 2nd Sony DVD worked fine and so did the playback. Again I wanted to make some further improvements and I mofified some videos. I run out of Sony Blank DVDs and I purchased Verbatim DVD-R 16X blanks. The 1st Verbatim DVD was burned and completed with no problems, but during the playback on a 3 year-old Pioneer DVD player one scene in one of the video-movies was freezing for few seconds and then continued to play. I burned a 2nd Verbatim DVD which was burned and completed with no problems, but during the playback on the same Pioneer DVD player the video on introduction and one another video-movie is not displayed while the sound is there... I get a white screen only and sound. To ensure no other programs may affect the burning, I closed all other running programs and I burned a 3rd Verbatim DVD , the burning was complete with no problems. But during the playback on the Pioneer DVD player one scene in a different video-movies was freezing and the play was stopping. I tried another DVD burn and had similar problems ... The DVD playback on the computer DVD seem to play ok, but not on the Pionner DVD player. I tried one DVD that where a scene was freezing and stopping on an 10 y/o Toshiba DVD player and there the freezed scene unfroze within few seconds and kept playing. Lastly i used and older Sony DVD-R 1X-4X. The DVD players could not read that DVD at all....eventhough the burning was completed without any problems Do you have any ideas ? I appreciate any help Costas
  8. Hello my card is 128 DDR ADI Radeon 9800 I should mention that I did not have this problem with EMC9 Costas
  9. Last night I spent more than an hour deleting the EMC10 from my PC and any previous version of Roxio EMC. I also removed any occurance of any Roxio entry in the Registry. Today I re-installed the EMC10 from the CD that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I was not surprised that the problem was not resolved. I have a Dell XPS (High Performance) PC purchased in late 2003. I use Windows XP and the windows are 100% up-to-date. Last time I asked Dell if there was any new drivers available they were unable to answer, so I dont take any chances by experimenting with new Drivers. Now some info of how this problem happens. I import the Auto-fill from disc. I did not use any style yet, to see if the style causes the problem. The Show/Hide Object Boundaries is checked. The track list show on the Booklet page and on the Back (label)page. I can add the track numbers by Right Clicking on the text and select Numbered. Then if i try to edit the text and click Ok ... the countour of the text box that contains the track titles is there, but the text is invisible. If i right Click again and select Edit Text with the Tracl List Properties window ... the track titles are there... but they are not visible when I return to the Booklet or Back page. I tried different fonts, just in case a font color is the problem, the tracks text is not visible. If I select a style, the track text shows up again, but the minute I try to edit it, it vanishes again. It will return if Re-select a style again. This problem does not occur when I edit the tracks List text on the CD label view page. After editing the track list text and click OK the text vanishes, but I click Cancel the text stays. The Track List is checked (to be visible) in the Show/hide Smart Objects so whats next? Remove ECM10 again and go back to ECM9?
  10. I aslo intalled the updated version from on-line, but it did not resolved the problem. When I try to edit the Track List text using the Right Click, Properties or Double-Click the Track List text and I try to edit a track song title ,and then click Ok ... the whole tracks list becomes invinsible. I get a blank text box. If I click again it is shown in the properties ...but not on the actual label (either Back or Insert). I should mention that the problem is only with the track list that is created from the Auto-fill (smart text) and not with any other entered text in the Label Creator. Very Strange...and I am not happy.. I did not have this problem with EC9 Costas
  11. I installed the EMC10 and burned an Audio CD. I opened the Label Creator and used the AUTOFILL from Disk to bring in the song Track titles from the CD. I got the titles in the Label Creator, but when I try to edit the titles, using the text edit or Track List Properties, all song titles vanish. I get a white box. If use the Edit, Undo, few times I get the text back, but it seems that it does not let me change the sont title text in the track list. Can someone help? Thanks Costas