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  1. have mydvd10 premier on windows 7 home. anyone know why the 8.5gb disc/project size at the bottom is disabled? i can only choose 1.4 or 4.7gb. this really stinks because i cannot create larger projects to burn to dual layer discs. have had a roxio support ticket open for a year and i'm convinced the supprt staff does not know their own products. and i agree with evryone else who has posted for different problems...the roxio online "updates" do not work, unless removing all the editing apps and utilities is what you want to do!!! can any master guru please help???
  2. my videowave video "trimmer" will now not playback any selected file. the utility window opens and appears normal, displaying the original start and end frames, but it will not playback, or respond properly when the handles are moved to a diff position. i have not had this problem before. i am guessing a change in another program that v-wave utilizes for these functions (win media player, quicktime or directx) has somehow disabled this feature in videowave. can anyone help? i have already checked for and installed any available updates and drivers, and have the most recent version of everything mentioned above. I also re-installed the entire mydvd 10 premier suite after updating, but have the same result.
  3. It is a DVD burner. I have burned/copied countless DVD movies with it. Isn't "CD-ROM Drive" just a general term for "disc drive?" Any ideas on the problem?
  4. attached is a control panel screenshot showing the drive and properties. remember i have windows 7...thanks for any help.
  5. guru, i can send a screen shot when i get home, but i do have the model/driver info from dxdiag if that's all you wanted: Drive: E: Model: hp DVD A DH16AAL SCSI CdRom Device Driver: c:\windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys, 6.01.7600.16385 roxio support suggested "drive recognition" issues known with this model, but hp said that is nonsense, and i had up to date driver. what else do you need.
  6. hi all...i use a sony camcorder and record to mini-dvd rws. after finalizing the disc i remove it from he camcorder, place it in my pc's optical drive and use the capture video utility in mydvd 10 to get the individual clips to my hard drive. this works just fine, however each clip begins the first two seconds of the previous clip on the disc. a minor complaint at best, but one i would like to avoid. does this utility just have poor scene detection? any help/suggestions would be appreciated! i have gotten the same resuly on both my previous pc with win xp, and my new, two wk old pc with windows 7.
  7. i upgraded to mydvd 10 a few mos ago and have yet to figure out what i'm doing. before i used easy dvd 6, which was simple by comparison. i may be just as simple(minded), that aside i need help getting started. the tasks i wish to accomplish should be easy...i think. i want to organize 30-40 home movie .mpg's into 6 diff movies, or choices from a main menu like on a store bought movie. i want to add music to some of the clips, as well as use my own .jpg as the main menu background. can someone HELP? please! i just can't stare at this screen any longer (it's been hours) trying to understand it on my own. would anyone consider talking me thru a few things by phone (i apologize if this is a sin to ask) but i am a quick learner. i would only ask for 15 minutes or so. if anyone is willing to help me i would give my contact info. thanks so much. steve
  8. in label creator the "flow text" style (as opposed to straighten or cirved text) does exactly as i hoped it would and align text to the outside edge of the disc, however at the end of each line it splits the last word, whether it is a compound word or not, and in some case will only carry the last letter in the word to the next line. it does not even insert a hyphen. i though it would be more intuitive than this and, upon not fitting, move the entire word to the next line. is there a way around this splitting words and still use this feature???