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    Registration Hellp

    Well, I would rather not call, (long distance and all). I tried that number, but after 20min, I gave up. That was a $4 phone call! I would really like to figure out how to log into the Self Service Log-In. I can log into MyRoxio, but the email I use for that account and the password for that account doesn't work. Is there some way of contacting Roxio via email or other internet access? Maybe I'll have to send them a letter snail mail! Kai
  2. kaiy

    Registration Hellp

    I am having trouble with this website. I thought I was logged into my account, but when I registered my newly acquired Toast 7 software, the registration page is somebody elses!?! I have no idea how the website let me in on somebody elses account. Now, I need to change this, so I can get my rebate. I'd like to send Roxio an email, but apparently, the only way to contact them is through the website, but I keep going round and round without getting to a contact webform. log-in, you are logged in as My Name Here, click on contact, Support Request System, Enter EMAIL and Password and security code, Unable to login - Please Register or enter the correct password?.... start over Tried logging in as NEW USER, you are logged in as My Name Here.... etc. (same as above) Does anyone know how to contact Roxio????