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    Error While Writing

    Thanks for your response. I followed your suggestions of the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs, i.e. disc image/copy image and writing at 4x instead of "Best" It is perfect when viewed in DVD Player. When I take it to my JVC in the home entertainment setup it is extremely slow in getting started and once started it "stutters" - both video and audio. The jerkiness of the two seems to be in sync. Any ideas? Also, is replacing the drive a difficult deal? I know how to get the box open ( after !!@#@#@#!)! I had my memory upgraded on a Friday afternoon at a store in Santa Clara, CA. The mechanic forgot to re-connect the the fan sensor up front. The noise was intolerable and I wasn't going to drive back to Santa Clara from Garden Grove. So I learned how to open the box from an on-line video. That said, is the remainder of the replacement process a chore for a former PC tower re-builder? Regardless of self-do or have-done, what would you recommend as a replacement, in a moderate price range?
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    Error While Writing

    I use Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8X Inkjet printable I get the following error message when using Toast 7.1.3 The drive reported an error Sense Key = HARDWARE ERROR Sense Code = 0x03 I can redo the exact same routine as far as source, settings and output instructions and maybe I'll get a DVD - and maybe I'll get the error message. The one time I got a DVD it was playable on the Mac - but hung at menu selection on the JVC DVD player in the home entertainment center I opted for TY because they are supposed to be the best. If the intermittent nature of the error is "disc" sourced, then what should I select as a replacement? Throwing every other one away gets expensive after a while - enough to justify a new purchase, if necessary.