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    Toast Video Player Can't Edit In Snow Leopard?

    Thanks Tsantee! It had been so long since I did any Editing in Toast that I'd forgotten that part. Worked great! Kupe
  2. Hey gang- Running Toast Titanium 9.07 under Snow Leopard 10.6.6. Today tried to edit a Tivo file in Toast Video Player, but there are no Editing tools available. There are no Crop Marks available, and for some reason the Open Editor menu choice under the View menu is grayed out. Is this a known issue- i.e. no editing with Toast Video Player 9 in Snow Leopard? Thanks! Kupe
  3. kupe

    Streamer Menu Item Greyed Out

    Hey gang- Did anyone ever find a solution to the Streamer menu item being grayed out in Toast? I'm running Toast 9.0.4 and Leopard 10.5.7. Note that all my other Extras appear just fine on the menu. I was having a number of the Streamer related problems I've read about here- including getter the message that user is not registered. Given that I'm a longtime Streamer user, that didn't sound right. That problem I was able to fix by deleting the com.roxio.Streamer.plist file. But the dimmed out Streamer menu-item in Toast persists, so wondering how I might fix that. Thanks! Kupe
  4. Hey gang- I have the Toast 9 Titanium HD-BD Plug-in that I bought with Toast 9. Do I need to purchase it again to work with Toast 10 if I upgrade? Thanks! Kupe
  5. kupe

    Toast 10 And Web Video

    Thanks Tsantee! Kupe
  6. kupe

    Toast 10 And Web Video

    Thanks! I already have a fairly large library of .FLV files. I assume I could just drag them onto the main Toast window to encode them if they were not already in the Media Browser? Kupe
  7. kupe

    Toast 10 And Web Video

    Hey gang- Longtime Toast user considering upgrade from Toast 9 to Toast 10. One of the "new features" is ability to encode Web Video to send to iPhone, AppleTV, etc. Does anyone know if this includes .FLV files? Thanks! Kupe
  8. kupe

    Video Convert With Subtitles?

    Hey gang- I have several Video_TS folders from DVDs I own that I am converting to Apple TV format with Toast 9.0.4. (I'm actually encoding them to watch on my Tivo with PyTivoX, but the Apple TV preset works nicely for Tivo viewing). Anyhow, I would like to include Subtitles, but Toast does not offer that in Options in the Convert pane (it does for burning actual DVDs, but that's not what I need.) Handbrake includes Subtitles just fine when I ask it to. Can Toast not do subtitles like Handbrake? Is it available in Toast 10? Thanks! Kupe
  9. But can it do that? For example, let's say I've used Toast's Tivo Transfer app to move a show from my Tivo to my Mac. Later I wish to once again watch that show on my Tivo. Can Mac2Tivo do that? Thanks! Kupe
  10. Hey gang- I'm running Toast 9.0.4 and running into a strange problem. I have a non-copy protected DVD that I am trying to rip to my iPod Touch. I am in the Convert menu in Toast with iPod Touch selected as destination. When I click burn, the process seems to proceed normally, but only the first DVD chapter gets sent to iTunes- about 15 seconds of video. I made sure that ALL was selected in Options before burning, but no help. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! Kupe
  11. kupe

    Divx In Toast 10?

    Well, I'm open minded to different ways to approach a problem. The reason I like DivX CDs and DVDs is because a) I can burn them in about 1/10th the time of a conventional video DVD my setup DVD player can play them c) I can put literally dozens (even hundreds) of AVIs or MPGs on one DivX DVD So, I guess my question is, is there a similar solution in Toast 10 for burning AVIs and MPGs to disk that meet a) and and c) above? Kupe
  12. kupe

    Divx In Toast 10?

    Well, I might buy that, except that Toast is NOT an inexpensive product to purchase. In addition, upgrades average 80% or so of the price of the full product- i.e. $79 vs. $99. I've been averaging one expensive upgrade a year for many years with Toast- so seeing THE feature I use the most disappear is hard to buy. Kupe
  13. kupe

    Divx In Toast 10?

    Whoa whoa whoa! I have Toast 9 and I was just about to purchase Toast 10 when I read this. So you're saying that in Toast 10 we cannot burn our AVI or MPG files to a DivX CD or DVD? Even though this feature works beautifully in Toast 9. Any comments from Roxio on why they would remove a major functionality from Toast 10? Kupe
  14. Well, by combining information from a couple different threads here, I have it working right now. In fact, I'm watching a show right now on my Tivo HD that I transferred back from my iMac. Here's what I did: 1) Enable the hidden "Video" transfer feature in Tivo Desktop 1.9.3 if you haven't already done so. To do so, turn off Tivo Desktop in System Preferences, then paste the following into Terminal: defaults write com.tivo.desktop FileVideo -dict-add VideoUIEnabled -bool true Restart Tivo Desktop, and you'll now have a Videos Tab. And on your Tivo under Now Playing you should see your computer. 2) Download the Tivo Decode Applescript at http://inik.net/system/files/TiVo_Decoder.zip 3) Presumably you already have some Tivo shows on your computer in the folder user/TivoShows. Simply drag one of them onto the AppleScript you downloaded above. I found that a 30 minute show converted in around 30 seconds. This AppleScript strips the Tivo wrapper and leaves you with a basic MPEG-2 movie. 4) Now go to your Tivo. The show you just converted should appear under your Computer in Now Playing. If not, try turning Tivo Desktop off and on again. Transfer as you would any show, and enjoy! I've noticed a couple issues, though they seem minor: One is that on your Tivo, the Fast Forward/Rewind bar may show the program's duration in seconds, not hours/minutes. Two, for some reason, if I tried to play the converted shows on my Mac with Quicktime Player, they would play with audio, but no video. And I have the Apple MPEG-2 plugin installed, so not sure what's up with that. FWIW though, the converted show played fine in Toast Video Player. Third, this does not appear to be a workaround to transfer an HD show to a Series 2. Even converted to generic MPEG-2, the Series 2 does not seem to be able to play a transferred formerly HD show. I'm running the above setup with a Tivo HD running 9.2 and a Series 2 running 9.1. Kupe