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  1. Nope didn't seem to help really seems like either a bad File association, missing file or something in registry - Opened new post with more info http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=36028
  2. re: XP pro (current updates) Roxio 9XE, Windows Explorer, NetFlix or anything that uses images or videos RE: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...mp;#entry190692 as mentioned in above post - every time I use anything on my box, that would seem to call out to a decoder, Cinepayer Decoder Pack triggers an install and tries to install CinePlayer - with never any luck. (3 cancels) Tonight I just noticed that when I use NetFlix Live (instant viewing) this also happens. I reverted back to 8XE no problem - when back to 9XE - problem reappeared. Is there something I can reload?? .... or worse condition disable in regedit? thanks
  3. Thank you - Thank you - Thank You - this was driving me nutty working at lot with images and videos - every time I enter a dir with images or videos - cancel...cancel... cancel
  4. you mentioned that there would a new version of LITE - ready at the end of Feb Any progress? I don't like unstalling stuff, other stuff might be using it - or why else would I have it? thanks
  5. re: XP Pro , Windows Explorer, Cineplayer "decoder", Roxio 9 XE I am seeing a very annoying problem everytime I use Windows Explorer and there is a video file within the directory being viewed (mpg, avi). The Cineplayer decoder "tries" to reinstall (on the fly), over and over again for each image. And each auto-triggered reinstall has to be manually cancled. I can not find "anywere' to disable Cineplayer or the decoder. At least least disabling it - would be less annoying There seems to be an issue with some msi file 65a?????.msi I tired repair - no luck. If I had to guess, it might be a driver conflict of some type. I even ran the upgrade again, to see if that would flush it out - no luck. Please advise or offer suggestions Thanks