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  1. I have a 4 TB hard drive. I have it partitioned into a 2 TB C drive, a 1 TB TEMP directory, and a 1TB HTTP directory. I have the two directories mounted as C:\TEMP and C:\HTTP. Using the Roxio Media Import tool from NXT Pro 6 (build 190b55h) I can't see to use these two mounted directories. (They simply don't appear when I try to find them using the "Browse directories" button. When you format a partition (for example) you get the option of giving it a letter name C:, D:, L:, etc., or you can specify a mount point for it. (My like the Unix / Linux feature.) I think this might be new in Win10. Can this feature of Windows 10 be supported? Thanks!
  2. I just upgrade to Nxt6Pro. My old Roxio10 and its tools would not run with my new video card installed. It ran well before... I'm using Roxio Media Import. I am using it to capture a USB composite video device (Hauppauge USB Live 2). It records fine. The output AVI file grows and grows. But at some time point, the time counter displayed on the Show Info screen resets. When the recording is stopped and the video is closed, its duration is stored much shorter than the recorded duration. For example, a movie that is 2:05 long will be recorded into a ~16 GB AVI file, with a duration of ~5 minutes. With the duration set wrong, only that last 5 minutes will be played or seen by tools. I have this same result whether I set the Capture Length value or not. I am recording to a directory on a 6 TB RAID array with 480 GB free. I am trying to make a 1 hour recording that started at 12:10. It's 12:25 and the time elapsed shows 2 minutes. It should show 0:15. so It has already "rolled over" at something less than 15 minutes. Any experience with this and what I might be doing wrong? Thanks! Experiment: With the old version I found that it would not record to big disks. So I have formatted a smaller (~100GB) partition and am trying to record to it. So far I'm just over 20 minutes of reported length. I'm also use a default file name. So 2 variables just to help make the experiment as inconclusive as possible. Results: Failed. I saw the record as high as 45 minutes when it reset to zero. I have screen shots of the record window at the ~40 minute point and after it reset to zero in the attachment.RMI-Reset.docx. Here's what the file looks like in the directory. S:\Videos>dir Volume in drive S is SSD Space Volume Serial Number is 88B2-6B2C Directory of S:\Videos 04/15/2018 03:30 PM <DIR> . 04/15/2018 03:30 PM <DIR> .. 04/15/2018 04:18 PM 10,708,946,756 4-15-2018 00000.avi 1 File(s) 10,708,946,756 bytes 2 Dir(s) 100,313,493,504 bytes free S:\Videos> In the Windows Explorer, it shows a duration of 0:0:42 (42 seconds). I stopped the recording 42 seconds after the recording reset. Another Experiment: Tried to capture the screen with the UScreen Capture. This fails right away. Despite showing a picture of the screen it says that there is no video source and the capture terminates. Another Experiment: I set the source to my Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 and started a capture. (in progress). In this experiment the system defaults to DVD HQ which records to an MPEG file (not DVI). In this experiement the recording ran for 1 hour 57 minutes when I stopped it. The file on disk shows a duration of 1:32:15. Clearly the longest duration so far, but missing about 25 minutes of recording. Next Experiment: Back to recording the Hauppauge device, but set to DVD HQ (instead of DVI). I set it to do a timed capture of 3:30:00 while the recording I am trying to capture is 2 hours and 8 minutes. I am trying to create a "buffer" at the end in case the recording is clipped like in the experiment above. Result: Went to bed with the capture still running last night. This morning Explorer reports that the file is 3:29:58 long and that it is 12.88GB long. So I only get the clipped length on capture to an AVI file, and (maybe) when I stop a recording manually. Still looking for feedback on others having similar issues and how to avoid them. Thanks!
  3. Still no recurrences of the issues since making the change described in my post #12. This is still an arbitrary work around. I have to restrict the way I use my computer to adjust to some bug in Roxio's programs and no one was able to provide information to me, or to my knowledge to Roxio, about the error in their detection of remote desktop use. To me it means that I can no longer access my machine from apps on my tablet or mobile phone since they (apparently) don't meet the "more secure" criteria behind that radio button. IMHO, Roxio is doing something wrong to enforce their arbitrary restriction in use of the software over a network, which might or might not be documented to consumers prior to their making a purchase decision.
  4. Wow. I reverted that setting (to "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)") and did some MyDVD work and got an instance of the error again. I have to wonder if some hack is attempting to open that port from the outside world? I'll have to check my router logs to see if there was a burst of "random" bangs on ports during this time period. I have put the setting back to "(more secure)" and am continuing to test.
  5. Thanks for unlocking this thread so I could provide additional information. The problem has not recurred since my report on 13 Feb. The only thing that I changed on my system was the radio button in the System Properties screen, Remote tab, Remote Desktop section from "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)" to "Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure)". I will play with this setting a bit more and see if reverting it causes the problem to recur. It would be wonderful if this was the issue. (Though I don't understand the setting enough to know why it might be related.)
  6. By some awful twist of fate, downloads from TiVo to PC's broke about a week ago. TiVo support blames it on a possible Microsoft update. The work around is to set the date of your PC to a date prior to 16 Feb 13. If that fails, set it to a date prior to 13 Feb 13. I set mine to 13 Feb 13 and I was able to get transfers going again. So I'll have something to run Roxio 2012's MyDVD against soon enough.
  7. Right. Still waiting for the problem to recur. Been a couple of days now. I hope your suggestion is just an investigatory method. I'd be far more interested in just stopping the service (or whatever) that MyDVD is looking for that tells it (incorrectly) that I'm using the machine remotely. Pull the Ethernet out is going to be pretty disruptive to all those services I listed above.
  8. Thanks for the pointers. My search didn't turn these up, but I recall seeing that my search was limited to a year's span and I didn't see how to work around it. As I read them both of them are talking about using MyDVD over a virtual terminal. Which isn't allowed. And which I'm not trying to do. To answer all of (I hope) your questions: Roxio Streamer: Pretty sure I never installed it, unless it's a part of Roxio 2012 that I am not aware of. I do have active network services running on this machine, with ports poked through the router/firewall as needed like an Apache HTTP server, an FTP server, an SMTP server, a PS3 media streaming server, a TiVo Desktop Service, and it supports remote terminal access like all Win7 Ultimate machines do. The services handle their obvious purposes. MS/Windows doesn't have telnet support enabled (I just tested it.) I use printers connected in my home LAN to another computer and sometimes I telnet (remote terminal) to that computer to control the attached scanner. So there's a good deal of possible network activity, though most of the time the only thing happening is that all these servers are listening. Remote Connections: The control panel tool shows no remote connections. This feature appears to be for "outgoing" connections to other computers, rather than for supporting in-bound telnet sessions, right? I can force the error to occur by remote logging into the machine while MyDVD is running and when I do the Remote Connections screen still shows no remote connections. Virus: I run Norton Internet Security and it checks all the time and/or in the background. It is configured to do a full scan weekly. While my Win7 Ultimate does support remote logins, and I do ocassionally access my machine that way, I am ONLY using it with a locally connected keyboard, mouse and monitor (over DVI). No one else is using a remote login session during these MyDVD sessions, or else their login would kick my off through the wonders of Windows Fast User Switching feature. It is not a multi-user environment. There is only one monitor, here, in my office on my desk. It's the one I'm using. It's connected to the machine via DVI. The graphics are embedded in my processor, I don't have a separate video card. My guess is that Roxio is looking for the presence of some service and using it to claim that I'm accessing the machine remotely. But guessing and wishing don't generally lead to a solution. "TermService" is running all of the time listening for incoming connections. But almost all of the time there isn't one, and if there was I would know it since I would be asked to agree to be "Fast User Switched" off the machine and my monitor would then show me at the login screen. Network: The Win7 U's "Network and Sharing Center" shows that I have a network defined on the computer. It is connected to a "Home Network". I share a couple of drives for remote access to the other machines in the house who (typically) use the machine's disk array for backup storage. Did I answer everything? Thanks for your attempts to help!
  9. Got it. Agreed. But I am NOT running it over a network or using a remote desktop connection. I have a monitor,keyboard, and mouse and they are connected to my tower (i7-3770k based machine with an Intel dz68bc motherboard). The machine does have an active network connection (like almost every machine in the world. . But I am NOT, I repeat am NOT, attempting to use Roxio 2012 over a remote connection. So my question is what exists on my Win7 Ultimate machine that might be making Roxio 2012 and MyDVD think that I am using a remote connection? Is there some service that I need to disable, for example? Do I have to shut down the network connection to use MyDVD without seeing this error? The error happens at various times...some times it doesn't show up at all, and sometimes it shows up as soon as MyDVD starts. Some times it shows up as an error after an encode completes and it won't let me save the updated project. Some times I have to reboot my machine to make MyDVD stop claiming I'm using a remote connection. Some times I can just shut down the Roxio stack and try again. Thanks
  10. The suggested piece of free software to use instead of TiVo Desktop for pulling down content from a TiVo is "kmttg" from http://code.google.com/p/kmttg/. Seems to work to do that job comparable to TiVo Desktop. I don't know if it serves content from the PC back to the TiVo...I didn't try that.
  11. Greetings, I am running Creator 2012 on a Win7 Ultimate machine. All too often when I start, or after I am using MyDVD (videowave13) an error dialog pops up that says that "Remote Desktop Connection is not supported by this application". At that point my only apparent option is to crash out of MyDVD and lose any unsaved work. I am using MyDVD strictly locally (not over a remote connection). What is the software looking for that makes it THINK I'm connected remotely? Thanks, Arch
  12. Excellent topic, thanks. FWIW, typically any TiVo content I pull over with TiVo Desktop I feed into MyDVD (videowave13) and convert down into DVD format. Typically I'll edit out undesirable segments (like commercials, bumpers at the start and end, etc.). Then I'll use Handbrake to put them into MP4 format at resolutions I care to keep around. I've found that if I can pull it down from the TiVo, I can use Roxio and this process to deal with it. Perhaps if I had TiVo Desktop Plus I could pull down the copyrighted stuff too?
  13. Hello. I'm having the same problem. I paid for my download, and either the thing hangs while I'm trying to edit a movie, or the thing flashes up and then immediately stops running with no error message when I try to either invoke the application shell or MyDVD directly. I fixed it once with a complete uninstall and re-install. All I can say is that I'm pretty frustrated with it. Thanks, Arch Hughes