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  1. Drop down menu Upper Left when you select your option to create a blu-ray ... well the option are there but not all listed. You must scroll and you see them one by one but not as a full list so unless you are an old toast user this create confusion.
  2. edbeta

    Toast DVD crash unders Mac OS Catalina.

    Toast DVD From Corel have been updated to support Mac OS Catalina last week so the subject is now closed and fixed. This app is available on the Mac App Store of Apple of course and Roxio-Corel are again a great option to burn dvd and blu-ray. Corel is a very vital option to create dvd and blu-ray on the Mac so i hope they will continu to make it available on the next Mac OS also next year.
  3. Toast DVD Crash at Launch unders Mac OS Catalina with an Auto Report Send to Apple and i am talking about this App on Apple Mac App Store. Just hope a Corel Fix will happen very soon for this great App for those who dont need and use Toast Titanium 18. Toast Burn and Toast Audio from Apple Mac App Store also Crash at Launch.
  4. edbeta

    Toast DVD crash unders Mac OS Catalina.

    Untill Corel fix this problem i have temporary stop buying others Corel Softwares even if this is sad move. For me this software have a great value and slow fixing it have impact on my workflow and now search for alternatives. Corel produce great softwares but sometime support for new Mac OS have become very slow and that is not welcome in Macintosh world.
  5. edbeta

    Toast DVD crash unders Mac OS Catalina.

    After a little chat today they are aware of the problem but no timeframe to fix-it also not in a rush to fix-it. That very sad the product as great value on the Mac user market who still need to burn optical discs like dvd and blu-ray. Since it is on the Mac App Store i wiil ask Apple if it is an Apple Problem or ask them to pull-it off of Mac App Store untill it get fixed.
  6. Thank-you very much stargator ; your link permit me to install the update Toast 17.3.

  7. edbeta

    Roxio Corel Please Fix This Error!

    But Corel or Roxio are good softwares makers why they are not also serious about correct labeling of there forums!
  8. Toast 17 Titanium Forum Still Say : Toast 17 All questions for Toast 16 here. - always open! Well It Is the Toast 17 Forum So Correct This Please!
  9. Understood but must ask you ... is this forum run from Roxio if yes then it is Roxio who is the Administrator who must see and correct the error not the users to tell them.
  10. It Not Asking For The Moon Just Update Your Software Link For Toast 17 Updates!
  11. edbeta

    Toast 17.1 Download.

    Where is the Download Link for Toast 17.1 Full Install Or Updater. Why After Update Toast Still Show Version 17 not Version 17.1. I allways keep a copy of Toast Installer or Updater Cant Find-It.
  12. edbeta

    Toast 17.1 Download.

    It is what i have done with Toast 17.2 with Mac Os 10.14.1 Mojave , must tell update work well but it will be so simple for Roxio to Update Roxio Updates Support Site!
  13. edbeta

    Toast 17.1 Download.

    Well it is now Toast 17.2 but the Updates Roxio Support Site still dont show any Toast 17 Updates!
  14. edbeta

    Waiting for Toast 17 Forum!

    Waiting for Toast 17 Forum why it is not allready available Roxio Please!!
  15. edbeta

    64 Bits Support Needed Soon !

    Apple macOS will start to warn you about your apps need to go 64bits in macOS 10.13.4 and drop full support on macOS 10.14.0 when or will Roxio Corel Update Toast Pro !
  16. edbeta

    64 Bits Support Needed Soon !

    Tomorrow at midnight PT, Apple will begin issuing an alert box when you open a 32-bit app in MacOS 10.13.4. It’s a one-time (per app) alert, designed to help MacOS make the full transition to 64-bit. At some unspecified time in the future, the operating system will end its support for 32-bit technology… meaning those apps that haven’t been updated just won’t work. That time, mind you, is not tomorrow, but the company’s hoping that this messaging will help light a fire under users and developers to upgrade before that day comes. Says the company on its help page, “To ensure that the apps you purchase are as advanced as the Mac you run them on, all future Mac software will eventually be required to be 64-bit.” Found this info on Mac Rumors Today.
  17. Toast 16 Pro With Mac OS High Sierra (10.13) compatibility informations.
  18. edbeta

    Can Toast 16 Able To Create Uhd 4K Blu-Ray Disc ?

    Sorry about that not very good news but maybe we can hope for an affortable solution for us who need a solution for optical disc distribution in UHD.
  19. Can Toast 16 able to create UHD 4K Blu-ray disc ? , i would like to learn how or when ? Hope to be able to do-it from 4K Camcorder ?
  20. When the new forum for Toast 16 will be created!
  21. Have any of Toast Titanium 14 users try it with OS X El Capitan Beta.
  22. edbeta

    Toast 14 Titanium With Os X El Capitan.

    Apple say OS X 10.11 El Capitan will be release on september 30 will Roxio (Corel) be ready and compatible or is-it already compatible.
  23. Toast Titanium 12.1 is now available from Roxio Toast Update Support Site.
  24. I have wait a long time for this full install to appear even contacted the Roxio and Corel guy by private message. I dont understand why it is not release yet and dont know what to do to get Corel , Roxio to release-it for users. Getting a full install was so much better ...... why not getting-it using a registered users distribution system ......
  25. edbeta

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    The Roxio Toast Update link still dont show Toast 12 Update of any versions only Toast 11 and Below ........ why ?.