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    Toast 9 Works On Mac But Not On Dvd Player!

    Downloaded 2 movies onto a dvd-r disk, works fine on Mac but on dvd player one movie has no vision and the other has fuzzy bit at the bottom! Any ideas?
  2. thefairlightchild

    Toast 9 Fit To Dvd Compression Not Working On A Mac?

    Hello, No, it happens at the end at about 99% Toast 8 would tell you at the beginning if there was not enough room for your movies, tv programmes... The bar at the bottom says there is enough room as well.. Any ideas?
  3. thefairlightchild

    Toast 9 Fit To Dvd Compression Not Working On A Mac?

    Yeah, i'm getting the same problem. I can burn a dvd-r but when it reaches 99% it says that there's not enough space. Even though the bar at the bottom says that there is before burning.
  4. thefairlightchild

    Toast 9.0.2 - Static On Dvds

    Hello, Just wondering if the new version of Toast 9 is burning dvd's without the horrible static bit at the bottom. Sick of throwing unusable disks in the bin and i thought someone might know. Warm Wishes thefairlightchild
  5. thefairlightchild

    Static On Burned Dvd

    I'm having the same problem. Any ideas? Toast 8 worked fine but this is silly!
  6. thefairlightchild

    Static At The Bottom Of The Screen!

    Just burned two movies onto a blank dvd-r They work fine but there's this horrible static bit at the bottom which is really quite annoying. I had no problem with Toast 8 so am i doing something wrong? Any suggestions?
  7. The DVD is great except for one problem - which is that although it loads in my set top DVD player, and the menu shows fine on the TV, I can't operate/navigate the menu to make the DVD play in that DVD player. The only semi-response I get is when I press the play button on the DVD control - upon which the outline around the first menu button disappears. After that, there's no positive response to any command I've tried. There's only an occasional palm of a raised hand (icon), or a text acknowledgement of the command I tried. From the remote control, I can't even get the disc to eject! Only once before to date, in about five years with the set top DVD player, has any DVD I've had not played in the player. The menu of the DVD works fine in my Mac and PC - and the DVD plays fine in them. In making the DVD, I first made an image file (in order to preview, before burning) and then I copied the image file to a DVD disc (twice, i.e. for two copies). Both discs behave the same way.
  8. thefairlightchild

    Menu Help On Toast Titanium!

    Why won't my dvd let me access the menu when i create a dvd disk with more than one movie or separate tv episodes? I've followed all the instructions but still no joy! It's not a big deal but it can be annoying sometimes. Could it be my dvd player? Many Thanks thefairlightchild