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  1. Finally heard back from Corel that the internal encoding, as far back as Toast 11, is still limited to a max. of 26 Mbps., using either MPEG2 or MPEG4 - nothing has changed in this upgrade to 14. I've been using Toast to burn QT MOV programs edited in Final Cut 7.0, from original Sony HDV video recordings for years, and HDV captures at a max. of 25 Mbps - no issues, and great quality, even though I believe the current Blu Ray Discs can handle up to 45 Mbps, and a new Blu Ray format may handle the UHDs/4K, too. My concern is that Sony will someday dump the HDV format entirely, or my cameras may simply need to be replaced. The new HD (and UHD) video cameras can output in codecs that can handle the higher quality video outputs in the 35, 50 to 100 Mbps. When will Roxio/Corel improve their encoding engine to handle these higher quality recordings for Blu Ray Discs? Will post this directly to Corel and Roxio management websites, too, as someone suggested.
  2. Thanks, anyway. It was worth asking.
  3. Sorry, but I wasn't more specific - I am burning MPEG2 or H.264 video files to Blu Ray discs, and the encryption options is only available in the 'Data' blu ray disc section, not the Blu Ray Video section.
  4. Has anyone discovered a way of blocking viewing of a Toast burned BD-R disc, similar to what can be done to a DVD? Is there some password protection option available?
  5. Yes, my PowerBook G4 laptop is still running beautifully, burning excellent HD Blu Rays on my LaCie burner. And I have accepted no chapter markers transferring from FCP projects and only 6 background images that work fully for 16X9. So am toying with finally upgrading to a new MacBook Pro with SSD drive for logging and transferring HD files in the field, and leaving the PPC Mac at home to rest up for the burns. Have there been any major improvements to Toast 11 since my PPC 10.2 version, like being able to choose many more 16X9 HD button backgrounds, transferring FCP chapter markers to the Blu Rays, more format conversion options to Blu Ray beyond h.264? etc. Or are you folks still dealing with the same ole same ole?
  6. Stucker

    Burning Blu Rays With Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Tracks

    Thank you, thank you. IT WORKS! I had edited a test video with a surround sound live performance recording, and each of the 5.1 mics and LFE tracks worked as laid out - PERFECT. And on my old Mac G4 with Power PC chip, Final Cut Pro 6.0.6, Compressor 2.0.2 and Toast 10.2 and my LaCie d2 Blu Ray burner. Yes, Virginia... And my Surround Sound system was a Bose with a Harmon Kardon AVR 700 Amp, even tho my M-Audio ProFire 2626 audio interface could have fed a set of Genelec speakers, too. Will now experiment with higher quality m2v video streams.
  7. Stucker

    Burning Blu Rays With Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Tracks

    Noted. Will try this. Now do you have any Compressor Export notes for the m2v file. The orginal format was Sony HDV 1080i, which I believe is m2v (2 ch stereo only), so if I export with compressor video only, m2v (elementary stream? program stream?) and then the audio separate as Dolby Digital Pro 5.1, then name the files the same except for the extension and put them in the same folder, and drag in the video m2v file, it should work? Thanks for responding so quickly.
  8. Running Toast 10.2 (the last version that will run on my PowerBook G4 laptop w/Leopard 10.5.8) and I am starting shooting multitrack performances with Surround Sound micing to achieve Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks for my Blu Rays. Is ANYONE doing this successfully? Have managed to export from Final Cut Pro 6.0.6, using Compressor 2.2, and have gotten the 5.1 tracks to burn (without video) successfully to Blu Rays, but not able to get the video track to come together with the ac3 tracks in the Toast window - i.e. getting the Toast to ask 'is this the audio for this video?" Any notes or suggestions folks?
  9. All is stll working well with my older PowerBook G4 with LaCie BD-R burner and Toast 10.2 (ignoring chapter markers, of course) burning Blu Ray discs from HDV QT .mov files running about 22 Gb in size. But am curious if anyone has used the Matrox MX02 Mini with Max 'for faster than realtime H.264 encoding'?? Will it work with my PowerBook G4, first of all, and is this external encoding really faster? I assume you attach it and encode the .mov files before importing them into Toast 10.2 to burn to the Blu Ray disc, and then does Toast accept these H.264 file and burn them w/o RE-encoding them first?
  10. Stucker

    Update 10.0.8 Crashes On Powerbook G4 On Import

    O.K., I received the answer finally from Roxio support: Toast 10.0.8 will run on the PowerPC G4, with OS 10.5.8, but the HD Blu Ray plug-in software will only run on the PowerPC G5 or Intel chipset!! You would think they could have made BOTH pieces compatible so we G4 Laptop Mac users out here could have it all, but NOOOooo! Here's the link to the HD Blu Ray plugin system requirements: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/toast/plugin/requirements.html
  11. Was told by Roxio support that version 10.0.8 update of Toast will run w/o bugs on PowerBook G4 laptop running Leopard OS 10.5.8. But in fact when I upgraded from 10.0.2, and opened and dragged in a QuickTime .mov file to burn to Blu Ray disc in Blu Ray mode, it froze as it tried to load it and crashed each time. Went back to 10.0.2 version and no problem - it is purring away burning a BD-R. Anybody run into this?
  12. My Toast 10.0.2 version is working satisfactorily on my PowerBook G4 laptop and burning BD-R discs on a Lacie burner. But this version of Toast still has very limited 16X9 menu backgrouds. Can I download the current upgrade to a different folder w/o affecting my current version and drag in the newer more numerous menu template backgrounds so I have more choices? (all later than 10.0.2 versions are for the Intel chipsets, and I don't intend to buy a new mac right now.)
  13. Haven't seen this question posted for a while, so here goes. Was this fixed? I'm still using the Toast 10.0.2 version on my PowerBook G4 laptop because I believe it was the last upgrade of Toast that still works with the Power PC chipset - the later ones being for Intel models. So was there a solution to get chapter markers that I place in my Final Cut Pro QT movie file before exporting them to show up in the BD-R discs burned with Toast 10.0.2 when I set it to 'automatic chapter markers'? Instead of every five minutes? I thought this was fixed, or was it fixed in a later Intel version? Thanks!
  14. Hey, gang, I continue to use Toast 10.0.2 version on my PowerBook G4 with a Lacie BD external burner, works just fine (except for the illusive chapter markers, of course). Still takes me 26 to 30 hours to burn 90 minute BD-Rs from my QT movie files exported from Final Cut Studio. Curious, I've been burning them with Dolby stereo instead of PCM, and was wondering, if the Samsung BD-P1200 player downsamples to PCM for the HDMI connection to my LCD, would there be any time saving or quality improvement in the audio if I set Toast to burn to BD-R with PCM audio instead of Dolby Stereo? Just curious...
  15. Yes, I was and am aware of ALL of that, but you can see that if you have a PowerPC G4, and it is a minimum requirement, and you HAVE been running Toast 10, versions 0, then 10.0.1, and then v 10.0.2, that had the identical system requirements listed in all updates, that one could easily assume the next versions would ALSO run on Tiger, which is why Roxio should have clarified. I am tired of this disscussion...