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    Hd Blu-Ray Plugin On Toast 15

    Ah, Thank you! I was just concerned that a DVD that I was able to create won't play in my set top box, now my iMac. But I believe I saw another post about this issue. Thank you again, theoldarchiver!
  2. MikeCA

    Hd Blu-Ray Plugin On Toast 15

    Hello, I purchased the HD Blu-Ray plugin for my Toast 11 installation after purchasing a Blu-Ray Burner. I had considerable trouble with Toast 11 running on Sierra; it continually crashed and I wasn't even able to get to the point where I could try burning the disc. I decided to upgrade to Toast 15; do I need to purchase the plug-in again? I noticed that when installing it for Toast 15, it says Toast 11 during the installation. I have a late 2015 21" iMac, with 16Gb of RAM. Thank you, Mike
  3. MikeCA

    Toast 5 Needs Dvd Authoring Software?

    Thanks; I'll check that out! Mike
  4. Hello all, I thought I could make my iBook, running 10.2, a little more useful and purchased Toast 5 on eBay. While loading the software I noticed in the manual that Toast 5 does not include authoring software. I haven't been able to find any authoring software for such an old machine. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike Reemsnyder iBook 300MHz PowerPC G3 OS 10.2.8 160Mb RAM
  5. MikeCA

    Toast 10.0.7 Problems

    Thanks for all your help! I have tried all the updates since 10.0.4, and it's the last one that seems to work for me. I guess I'll wait for 10.0.8 and see if that helps!! Thanks again,
  6. MikeCA

    Toast 10.0.7 Problems

    Yes, you are correct; I am in the DVD-Video tab in the Video section. Under the file name it says: Video: MPEG-2, 528 x 480, 29.97 fps Audio: Dolby Digital, Stereo, 48000 Hz
  7. MikeCA

    Toast 10.0.7 Problems

    I'm not sure what you mean by what setting are you using; the video files are TiVo files that I've downloaded from my series 3 DVR to the My TiVo Recordings folder. I do edit out the commercials using the edit button on the file, and then click the red record button. When that didn't work, I tried clicking on Save as Disc Image, but that also gives the same error. Thank you for your assistance, Mike Reemsnyder
  8. MikeCA

    Toast 10.0.7 Problems

    Hello, I'm having trouble with the latest update to Toast 10: 10.0.7. I've begun to delete the application and all preferences every time Roxio repleases a new fix, but even that didn't work this time. What is happening is after editing the video file(s), I try to burn it to a single layer DVD, and get an error stating that the program can't continue, one or more of the files are in use. I've tried rebooting the laptop and only starting Toast, but get the same error. I also tried Saving as a disc image, but get the same error. I removed the 10.0.7 application and installed from the 10.0.4 dmg file, and everything is fine. I'm getting frustrated with Roxio releasing a supposed "fix" and all it does is create some new problem. I have to agree with many others in this forum; how do these releases get past Roxio's Q&A? Thanks for any suggestions, Mike Reemsnyder MacBook 2.16GHz, 2Gb RAM, 500Gb HD OS 10.5.8